2020 Book of Lists: Top-Ranked San Leandro Businesses

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Jan 23rd, 2020
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The San Francisco Business Times‘ annual Book of Lists calls attention to some of the most prolific, successful, and visible businesses in the Greater Bay Area. This year, 11 San Leandro businesses, organizations, and projects are represented in 10 of the 91 categories. This unique publication provides the opportunity to see a cross-section of how local businesses fit in with the larger San Francisco Bay business community.

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With construction still rising, and contractors in extremely high demand, the past years have provided much business for Greater Bay Area commercial contractors. St. Francis Electric remains one of the areas strongest electrical contractors in 10th place and $60 million in 2018 revenue. Among general contractors, Eric F. Anderson Inc. ranks 72nd with $22.19 million in revenue for 2018.

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Eric F. Anderson Inc. also ranks the 18th strongest woman-owned business, accompanied by American Packaging in the 32nd slot. OSISoft, LLC continues to grow, and with 500 Bay Area employees and $450 million in fiscal year revenue is now the 6th largest family-owned business, and the 30th largest private company in the Bay Area (up from 33rd last year).

Face Reality is the 62nd fastest-growing private company with 78.6% growth between 2016 and 2018. McDermott Costa makes the list of insurance brokerages, at number 23, based on Bay Area premium volume.

The East Bay Bus Rapid Transit project terminates at the Downtown San Leandro BART station, and the project is this year’s 53rd biggest construction project, by construction cost. Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center is the Bay Area’s 21st busiest hospital with 37,376 total patient days in 2018.

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Our local breweries continue to do quite well. Producing 45,000 barrels of beer, Drake’s Brewing Company remains the 5th largest brewery in the Greater Bay Area. With an impressive 112,600 barrels, 21st Amendment Brewery 21A Logoholds its 2nd place as the largest brewery, and its $33.5 million in sales also ranks the brewery as the 17th largest food and beverage manufacturer. Expanding tortilla manufacturer Mi Rancho remains the 16th largest Bay Area food and beverage manufacturers with $37 million in fiscal year sales.

With a business friendly climate, great location, diverse workforce, and great business-to-business connections, companies continue to grow and thrive in San Leandro.  We are truly proud our San Leandro businesses and wish them continued success in the year to come.

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  1. Madeline Streeter says:

    First moved to San Leandro in 1976 because city is friendly,best public access to work in San Francisco or TemPositions with to San Jose, afford able housing ($48,000 at time), great education system with a public park next to each elementary school, beautiful Marina.

    Work took us away for ,six years to East Coast and moved back in 1988 and still here.

    Raised family here and no intention of ever moving.

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