Building the Gigabit City

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Jul 10th, 2013

San Leandro continues to be a national leader in municipal broadband development.

On July 26, 2013 San Leandro will host “Building the Gigabit City in N. California,” a hands-on workshop and group consulting session that helps communities conduct an effective feasibility study and launch a community broadband network. Nationally recognized expert Craig Settles delivers a full day of consulting helping local governments to:

  • identify potential local funders and anchor subscribers for the network;
  • conduct surveys and other data gathering that identifies economic development needs broadband can address, and generates potential customers;
  • assess business models and network financing options;
  • create an initial project that drives your network buildout and broadband adoption; and
  • develop marketing strategy and tactics that generate revenue

This event is designed for local government, public utility, economic development agencies, and other community stakeholders directly involved with planning, implementing or working with private-sector partners to implement their community’s broadband project.

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