City Council to Consider Village Marketplace Revisions at September 9 Work Session

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Sep 5th, 2013

The Village 9-9-13The San Leandro City Council will consider and provide direction on proposed revisions to the Village Marketplace retail project (1550 East 14th Street) on Monday, September 9, 2013. This City Council Work Session is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 835 East 14th Street.

Revisions to the Village Marketplace development were necessitated by the loss of a grocery anchor. Earlier this summer, developer Innisfree Ventures identified an alternative anchor tenant and submitted revised designs and elevations to the City for approval. Innisfree has identified CVS as the replacement anchor and made modifications to the site to accommodate this tenant. Confirmed tenants, The Habit Burger and Peet’s Coffee and Tea, remain committed to the revised development plan.

Elements of the revised plan include:

  • Three separate retail buildings. Two along East 14th Street – one for Peet’s, The Habit Burger and a 1,200 square foot available space, and a second at the corner of East 14th and Dolores to be leased to AT&T. The third building, located at the northeast corner of the property along Juana Avenue, will be a stand-alone building for CVS.
  • A generous and attractive plaza offering outdoor dining for The Habit Burger, a fountain, two art display panels of tiles designed by industrial artist Raymond Loewy, granite seat benches, decorative lighting with hanging baskets, art bike racks, and decorative paving.
  • An additional outdoor area for Peet’s customers including a seat wall and bicycle racks.
  • New sidewalks, curbs and gutters and additional street trees with decorative grates along East 14th and Juana.
  • Quality architectural design elements and details on all three buildings including stone work, trellises, arbors, exterior sconces, varying heights and setbacks to break up the buildings.
  • CVS will vacate its East 14th St. and Callan Ave. site and will consider joint sale of this corner parcel, along with the City-owned parking lot. This priority opportunity site represents 1.5 acres ready for redevelopment on a prime corner in an ideal location for mixed use (retail/multi-family residential).

  • CVS has also provided notice to the City that they do not intend to exercise their right to a 10-year lease extension with Safeway for the CVS location in Washington Plaza when it expires in 2017.

The updated schedule for the development is:

Permits Submitted 10/18/13 (outside date 1/15/13)
Groundbreak Ceremony 11/14/13 (outside date 2/13/13)
Construction Starts (general) 11/18/13 (outside date 1/6/14)
CVS Construction Starts 3/3/14 (outside date 5/1/14)
Project Opens 9/2/14 (outside date 11/3/14)


This property was originally purchased by the San Leandro Redevelopment Agency in 2009. With the State’s elimination of all redevelopment agencies in 2012, the City (serving as Successor to the Redevelopment Agency) is now legally obligated to sell the parcel and remit the sale proceeds to the Alameda County Auditor-Controller.

The Work Session begins at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 835 East 14th Street, San Leandro.


Staff Report

The Village Renderings

West Elevation

4 Responses to “City Council to Consider Village Marketplace Revisions at September 9 Work Session”

  1. David Topete says:

    Are there other renderings available?

  2. Andrew Danish says:

    “two art display panels of tiles designed by industrial artist Raymond Loewy”
    are those both from the original 1947 Lucky store?

    • SLNext says:

      No, but there is a connection. The tiles were located at the Lucky/Albertson distribution center, which is the site of the new Kaiser Medical Center. Since the Village is located at the site of the first Lucky Grocery store, this seemed like a great place to display them. Kaiser also has a few tiles on display outside of the new hospital.

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