Dining Discoveries: Joe’s Pho/Cool H2O

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Oct 11th, 2018


Joe’s Pho/Cool H2O
15070 Hesperian Blvd

Recommended by San Leandro City Councilman Lee Thomas.

In August, the former Blockbuster Video space near Lucky’s on Hesperian Boulevard once again opened its doors, now as Joe’s Pho and CoolH2O – half Vietnamese restaurant, and half milk tea shop. After a significant amount of interior improvements, the space has been transformed to a roomy restaurant, decorated in the chic industrial style that has become so popular.

Since opening in August, Joe’s Pho has amassed an impressive 109 reviews and 4.5 stars on Yelp, which is a testament to the quality of the food and service. The dining menu is impressive, offering all the staple Vietnamese dishes one would expect, and the drink menu also does not disappoint. With plenty of room between tables, even when crowded this restaurant is comfortably spacious, making it a great dining destination for families.

Joe’s Pho thrives on its fresh ingredients and rich flavors, yet the food is not too heavy. The pho broth is light and savory, the meats are fresh, and the vegetables crisp and flavorful. The portions are generous too, and the restaurant offers a quick take-out service for those who prefer to dine at home. The menu also offers a number of vegetarian options. And with the milk tea bar, you can enjoy a nice boba with your meal!

Aficionados will want to try the Vietnamese rolls (goi cuon), the vermicelli salads (bun), and spicy beef noodle soup (bun bo hue). The quality is high, the food is fresh, the location is good, and the atmosphere is cool and hip. And according to Yelp, Joe’s Pho is quickly becoming the new favorite pho place for a great many diners.




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2 Responses to “Dining Discoveries: Joe’s Pho/Cool H2O”

  1. eric says:

    Tried this place last weekend, and their Bun Bo hue is one of, if not my favorite! Had a taste of the pho broth, and it was pretty legit as well, with really great flavoring (u can actually taste the star anise spices). Can’t wait to come back and introduce more people to this great spot.

  2. Michael says:

    Looking forward to checking this place out with my gf!

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