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May 24th, 2016


Los Cantaros

550 San Leandro Boulevard

Caldo tlalpeno

In April, Los Cantaros opened for business in the former Cherry Pit location on San Leandro Boulevard. The restaurant has additional locations in Oakland and Emeryville, both of which have garnered positive response from diners. The San Leandro location is conveniently located next to Siempre Verde Park, currently undergoing improvements. Once the improvements are finished, Los Cantaros will be in a prime location for hungry park visitors.

BurritoThe menu offers a variety of standard dishes, plus a few variations that stray from the beaten path. The chicken in the chicken breast burrito is tender and moist and filling while not overwhelming. The chicken mole burrito delivers flavor with a tinge of sweetness. Add guacamole, sour cream, and cheese for $1 to turn any burrito into a “super burrito.” The tacos come in single orders, so you can mix and match any combination of your favorite flavors.

Torta de AlbanilThe torta del albañil is savory with a hint of spicy heat, served on fresh bread, perfect for a lunch order. Hungrier customers may choose to add a side of french fries for a dollar. The taco salad is filling, flavorful, and well-balanced with its proportion of meat and vegetables.

The interior decor of Los Cantaros is quaint and festive, akin to its sister locations. The menu is quite extensive, offering breakfast, soups, and desserts, in addition to a plethora of other enticing dishes that are sure to invite diners to return for additional meals.

InteriorTacos Taco salad Steak Sopes





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