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Jun 26th, 2015

New Hong Kong

1750 East 14th Street

Recommended by Deborah Acosta, City of San Leandro Chief Innovation Officer and San Leandro Resident

IMG_4675In an unassuming building on East 14th Street, sandwiched between a fabric store and a Domino’s pizza, is a hidden gem of the city. New Hong Kong is one of San Leandro’s strong delivery options and its online popularity makes it a staple for delivery and takeout dinners. The physical location, however, is often sparsely or completely unpopulated. But as good as the General’s Chicken, Veggie Fried Rice or flawless Egg Noodles are out of a paper carton – it’s that much better in person.

Food from hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be very hit or miss, but  New Hong Kong has has yet to discover a miss. The décor is minimal, but what the restaurant lacks in frills, it makes up in flavor. The service is prompt and the dining room is impeccably clean and quiet, which makes a great night of excellent dinner conversation.

And oh, the food! What sets New Hong Kong apart from the rest is the ingredients. Gristle? Beef reminiscent of sponges? Limp vegetables? You won’t find those here. What you will find is liberal use of seasonings, exquisite sauces, savory and crisp vegetables and generous portions for family style dining – and according to some, the best walnut prawns in the state.

As mentioned, delivery and takeout are wonderful options when you just want a quiet night in. But next time your stomach starts rumbling, remember that over on East 14th, it’s possible to have a quiet night in… while you’re out. Forget Oakland. Forget San Francisco. Some of the best American Chinese food in the Bay Area is right here in our backyard.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a quiet, delicious, and reasonably priced meal in San Leandro, look no further. The best-kept secret in San Leandro (with ample street parking) is close enough to taste.

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