Fusion Pot Restaurant Open in Greenhouse Marketplace

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Jun 27th, 2018


Fusion Pot
699 Lewelling Boulevard, Suite 270

Over the past couple of years, San Leandrans have enjoyed a significant influx of new restaurants across town. The appeal of many of these new restaurants is their originality. The unique nature of restaurants such as Noodles Pho Me, Moussaka, Shabu House, Kendejah, and Maejoo have garnered overall positive response and favorable reviews.

One of these new restaurants is Fusion Pot, which has opened in Greenhouse Marketplace in the former Delight Garden space. This is the second hot pot restaurant to open this year, though Fusion Pot offers a different experience from other establishments. Fusion Pot’s menu is very generous with its options of meats, vegetables, seafood, sauces, soup bases, and noodles.

The food is fresh and the soup bases are fragrant and flavorful. The hot and spicy broth is delightfully numbing, but gives way to rich flavors as the dipping becomes more frequent. There is also a sauce and condiment station, where you can customize your meal to your liking, or simply try new flavor combinations to discover a new favorite!

As is customary with hot pot restaurants, Fusion Pot does offer an all-you-can-eat option, priced at $32.95 (add $2 for Kobe beef). The menu also offers additional dishes, such as dumplings, clay pot rice bowls, and a variety of desserts and dessert soups. Diners can complement their dinner with a selection of beer and sake, or with soft drinks.

Fusion Pot is open for lunch and dinner, and as it is located at the Greenhouse Marketplace shopping center, parking is plentiful.





5 Responses to “Fusion Pot Restaurant Open in Greenhouse Marketplace”

  1. Clark kent says:

    Great ! another resto in SL. the more the better!

  2. Melinda Bradford says:

    We need a place like Rockin Brews or the Yard House. Environments that are happy and inviting.

  3. Clark kent says:, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  4. eric says:

    The lunch special was a great deal ($16 for a meat, mixed veggies, and a drink)! Plus, the sauce bar had all you can eat appetizers, like spicy cucumbers. Also, pro tip: don’t forget to mix a raw egg into your dipping sauce!!

  5. Roberto says:

    Buen lugar agradable jentil. Superbien ok

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