Huge Mural Taking Shape at Preferred Freezer

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May 2nd, 2014

As work wraps up on the construction of the 247,000 square foot Preferred Freezer facility just off San Leandro Boulevard, a major piece of public art is taking shape. When Preferred Freezer began construction at the 15 acre site in late 2013, they agreed to make a substantial investment in a mural on the east wall of the facility, visible from the BART line.

As described by artist George Mead, “this 60′ x 350′ mural offers the opportunity to reflect on San Leandro’s rich history, as well as celebrate the prosperity and success of the city today.” The mural will incorporate images of the Azores, fruits and vegetables, fish,  snowflakes, and polar bears; symbols of San Leandro’s past along with fun connections to the cold storage facility.

The mural work is proceeding rapidly and Preferred Freezer has set up a webcam so we can track the progress. Note the use of projectors in the night shots to see how the images are being transferred to the wall.

Click the image below to view the webcam:


6 Responses to “Huge Mural Taking Shape at Preferred Freezer”

  1. Gary Molitor says:

    How are you going to protect that mural from graffiti?

  2. Gary Molitor says:

    How are you going to protect that mural form graffiti?

  3. Diana DeMeo says:

    Hi Gary, we at Preferred Freezer Services are hopeful that the community of local street artists will honor their fellow artists and respect the mural.

  4. Lynn says:

    Who ended up executing the mural? I know George Mead was involved.

  5. artismobilus says:

    Who are the artists and how were they selected? Looks like it could be a great piece.

    • SLNext says:

      The mural is a collaboration between Wet Studios, Mural Arts Studio, and George Mead. The artists were selected by Preferred Freezer. Click the webcam image above to see the current state of the project – incredible progress!

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