Mural Art Program Celebration on February 28

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Feb 21st, 2017


On Tuesday, February 28th, at 5:30 P.M., the City will host a public Mural Art Program celebration at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Leandro.  This event will dedicate three new murals being installed in February and March.  Members of the public are invited to attend this exciting event to meet the artists and learn about public art in San Leandro.

Kelly Ording's mural in progress at 14995 Farnsworth Ave.

Kelly Ording’s mural in progress at 14995 Farnsworth Ave.

Bay Area artist Kelly Ording is currently installing a 70-foot long mural at 14995 Farnsworth Avenue (at Manor Boulevard), which has an abstract modernist approach combining geometric shapes with clean and exact lines.

Argentinian muralist Pastel has begun work on a massive, 330-foot long mural at 1605 Abram Court (along the Marina Boulevard exit of I-880), featuring California flora at the gateway to the San Leandro Marina, which will be undergoing a transformation in the coming years.

Bay Area artist Troy Lovegates will soon begin work on an approximately 350-foot long mural at 1800 Merced Street (along Williams Street), whose design will depict employees at local manufacturing plants hard at work.

Pastel's concept design for the mural at 1605 Abram Ct., overlooking I-880

Pastel’s concept design for the mural at 1605 Abram Ct., overlooking I-880

All three artists are celebrated in the mural arts community and bring strong aesthetics to the project.

“These remarkable murals are indicative of a transformation that is taking place in San Leandro. The murals embrace the City’s industrial heritage and celebrate our culturally rich community.”–Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter

In 2016, the City initiated a project to install four murals throughout the City of San Leandro.  Born from the City’s Next Generation Workplace Study in 2013 and funded via the City’s Commercial Rehabilitation incentive, the program aims to energize and beautify passive spaces, in particular in the industrial area.

Early concept sketch by Troy Lovegates

Early concept sketch by Troy Lovegates

Phase I of the program includes the installation of the three murals underway.  Phase II will bring a mural to the Downtown San Leandro BART station, following a public selection process during which a Call for Artists will be issued, and a public meeting scheduled to invite input from the community.

The program received support from the San Leandro City Council and Arts Commission and engaged Athen B Gallery as a consultant to curate, coordinate, and facilitate the installation of the three murals.

“San Leandro is emerging as a public art destination in the East Bay. It’s encouraging to see that the City has taken such a strong lead in providing opportunities for artists to bring life to passive surfaces throughout the city, and hopefully inspiring more art to follow.”–Sorell Raino-Tsui, Athen B. Gallery

Mural Dedication
Tuesday, February 28th, 2017
5:30 PM
21st Amendment Brewery
2010 Williams Street


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  1. Robert says:

    Thank you City of San Leandro. Thee murals are beautiful. I am also happy they were painted in often forgotten parts of San Leandro.

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