NBC Press:Here — OSIsoft on Tech Businesses Moving to the East Bay

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Feb 23rd, 2017

On January 27, OSIsoft CEO Jenny Linton appeared on NBC’s Press:Here to talk about tech industries migrating to the East Bay for more competitive real estate prices.  OSIsoft has called San Leandro home for nearly four decades and just moved its headquarters into the first building of the San Leandro Tech Campus.  Watch the clip below:

2 Responses to “NBC Press:Here — OSIsoft on Tech Businesses Moving to the East Bay”

  1. eric says:

    cool to see, but i wish she had pitched san leandro a bit better. Should have mentioned the beer scene…

  2. Robert Vergara says:

    Great to see San Leandro in the news. People don’t understand how central San Leandro is to the rest of the bay area. Oakland is the new hip spot. San Leandro is but a blink from the nice areas in Oakland. San Leandro will be a great spot as well. I see it evolving (in terms of character)somewhere between Oakland and Alameda. Its got the great residential housing but also the walkable downtown to make a destination for great food and culture. It also has the space to have some great businesses which we need for tax revenue and attracting more people to spend money here

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