San Leandro Takes the Lead to Expand Broadband Infrastructure

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Aug 18th, 2014
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Innovation and economic vitality depend on many factors, but few are as important as infrastructure. Transportation and water infrastructure played a critical role in San Leandro’s development as a manufacturing hub in the 20th Century. Today, we now understand that broadband infrastructure is just as pivotal to our success.

The US Economic Development Administration acknowledged this transformation in 2012 when they awarded San Leandro a $2.1m grant using a program that historically funded traditional infrastructure such as roads and water treatment plants. This year, the City will complete a project, using those funds, to expand the Lit San Leandro fiber optic network from 11 to 18 miles.

The State of California has also now taken steps to acknowledge this change. Assembly Bill 2292, authored by Assemblymember Rob Bonta will expand the list of eligible projects for Infrastructure Financing Districts to include broadband development . This will provide a much needed tool to fund fiber optic network construction throughout the State.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy recently provided a guest commentary in the Oakland Tribune/Hayward Daily Review explaining the significance of this bill. In supporting AB 2292, San Leandro has remained a leader in broadband development.

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  1. Robert Talley says:

    Why was freight rail deleted instead of having both freight rail and broadband? Goods produced are transported cheaper by rail than by truck.

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