Shoreline Development Status Update

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Feb 7th, 2014

Progress on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) continues on the 52 acre shoreline development.  Modifications to the Master Plan were made in November 2013 which incorporate comments from the community and external factors, such as market demand. These changes are outlined below:

  • The local library remains in its current location at 13699 Aurora Drive based upon the feedback of neighborhood patrons, and will incorporate state-of-the-art technology in a new building;
  • The conference center shifted east, in order to improve the view corridor;
  • Bike path enhancements were incorporated, including  increasing the public promenade to 20 feet along the entire shoreline prompted by input from Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the City’s Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC);
  • 159 rental residential units replaced 100k sf of office space because  current market research revealed a high demand for residential rental housing and that a smaller, 150k sf Class-A office complex, meets market needs;
  • The residential units along the east side of Monarch Bay Drive were shifted to accommodate an easement and the live/work units are now envisioned to be townhomes;
  • The residential flats originally proposed at Aurora and Fairway Drives were moved near the boat launch ramp to accommodate the library, replacing 40k sf of mixed use space.
Shoreline Development Master Plan (Dec. 2013)

Shoreline Development Master Plan (Dec. 2013)

The Draft EIR is expected to be released in Summer 2014. For additional information click here.


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