Shoreline Disposition and Development Agreement Approved

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Feb 26th, 2020


On February 24, 2020, the long-awaited Shoreline Development Project took an important step forward as the City Council adopted a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA), which provides a framework for how the development may proceed going forward. The DDA includes a Purchase and Sale Agreement and Leases with Cal Coast Companies LLC Inc. to facilitate the future development of the Shoreline area.

The City Council also approved an addendum to the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Project, General Plan Map & Text Amendments, and a Zoning Map Amendment. These approvals reflect the updated Shoreline Development Concept Plan for approximately 75 acres of City-owned land at the San Leandro Shoreline as part of a public-private partnership with Cal-Coast Companies.

The City first began working with developer, Cal-Coast following a request for proposals in 2008. Over the next years, Cal-Coast worked with City staff and the Citizens Advisory Committee and Shoreline Advisory Group to develop a Conceptual Master Plan for the Shoreline area.

In 2015, the City Council certified an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and approved a General Plan Map Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment to lay the groundwork for a Shoreline Development Concept Plan.

Cal-Coast more recently modified the Shoreline Development Concept Plan based on feedback from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and evolving market conditions.  These changes also worked to make the project more resilient to projected sea level rise, to prioritize housing over office space, and to expand parkland along the waterfront on Mulford Point.

The current project proposal includes:

  • 18 acres of public areas, including a 9-acre park
  • 220-room hotel
  • 5,000 sf restaurant
  • 15,000 sf banquet facility/restaurant
  • Up to 485 housing units
    • 285 apartments
    • 48 townhomes
    • 152 single-family homes
  • Market/café/bait shop
  • New library

The amendments to the General Plan and Zoning reflect the updated Shoreline Development Concept Plan and lay the groundwork for future planning approvals. These Amendments will be followed by more precise development plans for Planning Commission and City Council consideration at subsequent public meetings and hearings.

The DDA with Cal-Coast includes a 10-year term and outlines key elements of the public-private partnership, including:

  • Project elements defined
  • Developer responsibilities (Single-Family, Multi-Family, Hotel, Restaurant, Market, Golf Course, Public Art)
  • City responsibilities (Park, Library, Harbor Demolition)
  • Shared responsibilities (Infrastructure, Landscaping)
  • Inclusionary housing requirements, including building approximately 20 income/rent restricted units and contributions to the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  • Sustainability requirements
  • Community Facilities District (CFD) requirement to contribute towards ongoing City Shoreline maintenance costs
  • Labor agreement requirements
  • Schedule of performance
  • Compliance with CEQA mitigations
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Required future applications for Tentative Parcel Map and planning approvals (entitlements) for specific project elements
  • Procedures for default, remedies & termination, cooperation & implementation, transfers & assignments, etc.

Exhibits to the DDA include a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) for the Single-Family element, which provides for the sale of approximately 16 acres of land on a portion of the nine-hole golf course and the construction of approximately 200 single-family and townhomes. The PSA is based on an appraisal, and includes requirements for Cal-Coast to reconstruct the 9-hole golf course.

The DDA exhibits also include lease agreements with Cal-Coast for the Hotel, Multifamily, Restaurant, and Market elements. Under the long-term leases, new buildings would be built and rent paid based on a percentage of tenant’s revenues. There are also performance-based requirements for construction, operations, maintenance and reinvestment in the facilities. The leases were approved as to form and are subject to refinement once specific sub-tenants are identified.

The DDA was approved by the City Council subject to the condition that, within 30 days, the developer submit a signed Letter of Intent between Cal-Coast and the Building & Construction Trades Council of Alameda County to enter into a Project Labor Agreement.

Next steps consist of preparation of formal design/plans for the proposed project, and submittal by the developer of a planning application for the project, followed by regional agency review and permitting. Significant site preparation, seismic securing, and resiliency measures, followed by new construction, is expected to begin over the next several years.

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6 Responses to “Shoreline Disposition and Development Agreement Approved”

  1. karen S fernandez says:

    Only 20 affordable housing units. Why not half of all the 485 housing units. This is still letting down our community of folks who live on less than most in San Leandro.

    Come on SL officials…. Only 20 units…. You can do better. Yes _ into the trust but physical housing units are more important….

  2. ellen mccarthy says:

    What about schools? Our schools are over-crowded. WE HAVE ONE HIGH SCHOOL!
    I must ask about all the traffic in this area?
    And isn’t this all on land-fill? What about earth quakes? And rising sea levels? We just lost some shoreline.

  3. eric says:

    Love this! That marina space is so underutilized right now it’s insane. 2022 can’t come soon enough

  4. Jane doe says:

    I agree with Eric! This development is long overdue. As a homeowner in the area, I do not want “affordable housing” I paid over $800,000 for my home and would like to have more families and fewer renters. Sorry not sorry. Also, please PLEASE a health food market like Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods, NOT a mother fathering bait shop, for God’s sake!

    • eric says:

      Good news on the whole health food market (btw i don’t work for the city or have anything to do with this project): Rumor has it that Sprouts will be at the old CVS property in downtown when it gets rebuilt! A friend of a friend saw a permit up for a few days which is how i heard about it.

      Separately, just fyi, i’m no expert but i believe affordable housing units are not allowed to be rented out, which would take away the very purpose of having it in the first place. The whole point of affordable housing is to ALLOW families to live in the area. So if your concern is you want families who own property, congrats u will see them! Now how that relates to your property value…well good thing you aren’t concerned about that :). But one thing i love about San Leandro is that they seem to be a very inclusive city, which overall is a great thing and i feel does provide value. As someone who grew up on the peninsula, it sucks going back there and seeing how it is now filled with only privileged and entitled people.

    • Mark says:

      You’re totally right! San Leandro can’t solve everyone’s problems in this area and if people can’t afford to live here, there are plenty of other options for them. Our quality of life has been going down for a while and diversity also means attracting more upper income people to the area who can elevate our standards .

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