Tech Incubator Needs for Women Entrepreneurs?

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Nov 22nd, 2016


On the eve of the dedication of the San Leandro Tech Campus and inspired by the Truth Is Beauty statue and the question encircling her feet in 10 different languges- “What Would the World be Like If Women were Safe?”, San Leandro announced an initiative designed to answer the following question:

“What would an inclusive and equitable tech incubator focused on the needs and desires of women entrepreneurs offer and look like in design and experience?”

Three U.C. Berkeley grad students have adopted this question as their urban planning project, and last Friday evening we had our first focus group on the subject at the Pilot City co-working space at 101 Estudillo Ave.  Led by students Grace Streltzov, Jie Zhou and Melody Ng, the group explored the following:

  • What would be the ideal characteristics of a Tech Incubator for Women?
  • Imagine your ideal work space – what it looks and feels like, what sort of art/culture is present, who is sitting next to you?
  • What is the One Big Takeway from this discussion for the individual participants?

The initial focus of the conversation was specifically to explore the potential of creating a Tech Incubator for women.  Interestingly, the importance of collaboration was emphasized throughout the conversation: collaboration with other women, collaboration between women in a variety of sectors, a safe place for a diversity of people to engage in hard conversations about biases and build collaboration and innovation through diversity.  The conversations made it clear that there was excitement about the idea of creating an incubator designed by and for women entrepreneurs.  However, everyone in this discussion wanted an inclusive space, not an exclusive space.

You will have one more opportunity this year to engage in this conversation!  Grace, Jie, Melody and the City will host one more focus group for a special breakfast gathering on Friday, December 2nd at Pilot City, 101 Estudillo Ave.  If you are a woman entrepreneur and are interested in the idea of San Leandro launching an Incubator designed by and for women, Please Register Today and Click Here to join us! 

“You cannot, you cannot use someone else’s fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it.”   Audre Lorde

Cover Photo Credit: Stephen Cassidy


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