Eden Shopping Center Improves Facade with Assistance from City Incentive Program

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Nov 14th, 2014


The Eden Center Shopping Center at 14750 East 14th is the most recent beneficiary of the San Leandro Commercial Rehabilitation Incentive Program. The building was constructed in 1947 and featured post World War II architectural design. For the renovation project, Architect Choi & Robles created a modern facade plan while preserving some of the retro features such as the Eden roof sign and blue colored fins along the top of the parapet. Businesses within the center include Maesh Striking Arts, King Kong Dim Sum and Las Pacita’s Salvadorean Bakery.

In collaboration with the property owners Tina and Milton Chew, the Commercial Rehabilitation Program helped to transform the outdated appearance of the Eden Center to a shopping plaza that now stands out on one of San Leandro’s most trafficked streets. Some of the improvements include: exterior cleaning and repair, new paint, re-stripping and re-pavement of the parking lot, and most notably, the preservation and enhancement of the Eden Center sign with more efficient LED lighting. Special thanks goes to the City’s Public Works Department  for quickly re-striping the parking spaces along the front of the building.

The purpose of rehabilitating the signage and façade of the building is to attract new businesses and shoppers to the area and enhance tenant and property owner pride in their place of business. Click the before and after photos below.

Before & After

2 Responses to “Eden Shopping Center Improves Facade with Assistance from City Incentive Program”

  1. […] Las Pacita’s is located the southern end of the Eden Shopping Center (read about their recent facade rehab project here). […]

  2. Johanna says:

    Great Job! I love that they kept the retro look and feel but gave it a beautiful update. Way to go SL! I love the inviting improvement to my community.

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