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Oct 29th, 2013

InnovationSan Leandro Style!

October 23, 2013 on the Rooftop at the Bayfair Center

Traditional shopping center + parking lot is transformed into magical event space!

Thank you to Mel Speed at the Music Company for the wonderful video of the event chronicling this transformation!

Click on this link to see his cool video of the event.

Bayfair Parking Lot “Before”

SE Rooftop View.2.

Out of the Box! Food Trucks, Drakes, Showcase, The Band

Bayfair Parking Lot “Before”

North Rooftop View - After

Out of the Box! Showcase

The transformation of an unused rooftop parking lot at Bayfair into an evening event space under the stars was the perfect showcase for the San Leandro story — a City that is taking its existing infrastructure and envisioning and creating new uses for traditional spaces.

San Leandro by Design: Out of the Box! Innovation Community Roundup was designed to provide a space for San Leandro community and business leaders to gather together and connect with each other.  This event launched a conversation among San Leandro businesses, particularly those businesses that make things, that will ultimately set the course for San Leandro’s economic future.  Dr. Pat Kennedy, CEO of OSIsoft, spoke briefly to the gathering about OSIsoft’s need for fiber optics and how it led to his partnership with the City to create Lit San Leandro.

I wrote about the event and the impetus for it last week — click here to learn more about how the event came together.

Arriving at the entrance to the Bayfair rooftop, guests were guided to the event space through a runway of lights that led them directly to the Innovation Showcase.  These San Leandro innovators sparked excited conversation among the participants and included:

  • Lit San Leandro: Visitors were able to view a live-screen Google map of the existing network and network under-construction and learn more about how to get connected.
  • Soundfit: San Leandro startup Soundfit demonstrated its new SugarCube™ 3D scanner, a cost affective solution for streamlining many earpiece-manufacturing workflows. Costing 1/10th that of comparable devices, the SugarCube is designed to scan ear impressions and generate a 3 dimensional model that can be printed by any industry standard 3D printer.  And they brought both a Sugar Cube scanner and a Type A Machines 3D printer to show how they do it!
  • Koffler Electrical: Charles and Hilaria Koffler established this San Leandro company 30 years ago — and today, Koffler Electrical’s state-of-the-art facility provides electrical services (think BIG machines!) for a variety of organizations like the US Navy, who trusts Koffler to overhaul nuclear submarine propulsion generators; refineries such as Chevron, Exxon and Shell; steel companies like USS Posco Steel Company; and utilities such as PG&E.
  • OSIsoft: San Leandro’s largest software company, OSIsoft’s PI software extracts data from buildings and systems in 110 countries worldwide.
  • Omnom Project: OmNom is an all-in-one 3D Print & Plastic Recycler/Filament Maker that is being designed to take failed, worn out & scrap 3D printed parts and turn this otherwise unusable material right back into filament again.  Unbelievably cool.  OmNom moved into The Gate a couple of months back — look for classes at Omnon to build your own 3D printer in the coming months!
  • Oceanic: Computers that go underwater.  Seriously.  Imagine being able to read the vital statistics of your underwater dive team out of the corner of your eye, nestled in the corner of your goggles — yes, Oceanic makes these and a lot more innovative underwater gear.
  • PhaseSpace: Tracey McSheery’s motion capture cameras use LED markers and advanced software for video, online games and movies.  Tracy’s engineer, Greg, joined us to showcase this amazing camera.
  • Atomic Productions: Atomic Productions is well known for its coverage of the Oakland Raiders, and its high end production equipment provides services to a wide range of clients.  They brought some of their cool cameras and videos out to share.
  • SOAK: Nell Waters joined us from San Francisco to demonstrate her concept for turning shipping containers into urban spas!  Designed by Rebar Art & Design, these spas can be transported to any urban location — like San Leandro??
  • UrbanBloc: UrbanBloc is a startup company that received a lot of interest at the event in its graphic representations of ways to use shipping containers to create interim developments in vacant, underutilized urban lots.  This technique is receiving a lot of interest by the City of San Leandro for its potential in providing space quickly for restaurants in the area around the new Kaiser Permanente hospital on Merced.  UrbanBloc founders are currently looking to locate a space in San Leandro to begin fabrication of its containers.

Legacy San Leandro company reps were there to mix with these innovators including Applied Fusion, Coca Cola, Ghirardelli, Mr. Plastics, and many others!

We are particularly grateful to our sponsoring companies, without whose generosity this event just wouldn’t have had the same sparkle!

SLBD - Out of the Box Sponsors

Madison Marquette and the staff of Bayfair Center pulled out all of the stops to make this event happen — thank you Pam White, Deborah Gallegos and Samantha Lillard.   And Mel Speed of The Music Company — the architect behind the transformation, we send you our appreciation for showing us what true innovation looks like!

A final special shout-out to Greg Delaune of UIX Global, and Cece Adams and Emily Griegos of the San Leandro Chamber for their collective inspiration and work to make this happen.

Look for ongoing San Leandro by Design events in the coming weeks and months.  The conversation will continue and grow!


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