Dining Discoveries: Bluebird Pizzeria

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May 8th, 2015
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Bluebird Pizzeria

496 East 14th Street
Recommended by Corina Lopez, City Council Member, District 5

Pizza has become an American staple, but everyone has their version of the perfect pizza. From the type of crust to the type of tomatoes, Bluebird Pizzeria has become that perfect pizza to many San Leandro residents. This space was once was a local bar, but became the famed family-friendly pizza parlor at the end of 2014.

BluebirdThe New York-style pizzeria, which means that it’s all about the crust and sauce, is satisfying many East Coast pizza connoisseurs. The dough is one of the great elements to the pizzeria’s success and is thoughtfully prepared by the owners, self-taught pizza cooks from New Jersey. The crust is perfectly medium-thick with a barely browned-crunchy bottom and is soft and chewy enough to fold right in half.  What defines New York-style pizza sauce is the tangy sweetness, and Bluebird uses the rustic all-natural flavors of 7/11 ground tomatoes (not the 7/11 convenience store) with added home spices. Their toppings sway from the standard in the best way and offer toppings on their specialty pizzas like peppadew marinated peppers, Kalamata olives, sopressata sausage and a variety of cheeses beyond mozzarella, which open and elevate pizza palettes. Choose a solid meaty pizza or hearty vegetarian choice, all on a gluten-free crust if you wish, and Bluebird will have you coming back.

Each pizza is made-to-order, which takes about 20 minutes and sometimes their phone lines are busy with other take-out orders, but it is worth dining-in and experiencing the welcoming cheers of this neighborhood pizza shop. Owners, Fran and Ray are often behind the counter, prepping and serving their pizza pies and talking with locals and regulars. If you need to have your pizza now, it’s ok to eat dessert first by trying their popular homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh cannolis or a generous scoop of local organic ice cream. To beat the wait, Bluebird also serves pizza-by-the-slice, salads, beers and craft sodas.

Bluebird reviewers rave that their pizza is authentic New York and you’ll walk in feeling a little bit at home or getting a taste of visiting an East Coast pizza joint. It can be a great family pizza night at the house or with friends before a game and you don’t have to venture anywhere else, but to your new neighborhood pizzeria in San Leandro.

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