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Aug 21st, 2015

Estudillo Produce and Deli

1305 MacArthur Blvd

Recommended by Cynthia Battenberg, City of San Leandro Community Development Director

What meets your eye when pulling up to Estudillo Produce is a modest produce and specialty shop with small-town character.  What isn’t as readily apparent is that it hosts a treasure of sandwich riches that has earned much applause from its customers.  Yes, Estudillo Produce offers high-quality fruits and vegetables, and an eclectic variety of specialty groceries, but the delicatessen counter of the shop also serves choice sandwiches assembled from the finest ingredients.

The staff is happy to make your sandwich to your preference, and the options are extensive.  Bread choices are comprised of five sliced breads and six roll varieties, all fresh from Semifreddi’s Bakery.  The meats and produce are high quality as well, and the selection is impressive.  A sandwich takes five to ten minutes to make and that gives you just enough time to peruse the shelves for a healthy snack and a craft soda to complete your order.  If time is an issue, you can also call in your order ahead of time.

EstudilloProduce 8While you can customize your own sandwich, the rustic prosciutto on sliced wheat bread with mustard, mayonnaise, and a heaping helping of fresh lettuce and tomatoes delivers a salty, crunchy punch that is likely to make it a repeat order.  If you fancy a more traditional option, turkey and provolone cheese on a sourdough baguette, or chicken salad on a Dutch crunch roll with Swiss cheese are sure to satisfy even the strongest comfort-food craving.

Sandwiches range from $5.50 to $6.50, and for an extra buck you can combine two meats.  The deli also offers fish and vegetarian options, as well as a soup du jour and a few salads.  Want a craft beer with your sandwich? Estudillo Produce is one of the few shops in the area that stocks the esteemed Pliny the Elder. And, of course, they also have San Leandro favorites Drake’s and 21st Amendment.

While parking is abundant, there are only a few tables and chairs along the storefront, so your best bet is to plan for a take-out meal.  Also, be prepared to lose track of time as you are sure to find yourself exploring the well-stocked shelves of unique goods, your curiosity piqued as to what culinary rarities you may discover.

As James Beard once said: “Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” Thankfully for us, the folks at Estudillo Produce do.

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