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Jan 24th, 2017


Noodles Pho Me
377 Bancroft Ave

NPM 2Since its introduction to the American mainstream in the early 1990s, Vietnamise phở has gained much traction and popularity among diners. Located at 377 Bancroft Avenue, Noodles Pho Me offers the Laotian variant of this delectable “meal in a bowl.”  Lao phở is creamier and, thanks to a slower cooking process, harnesses greater depth of flavor than other versions of phở.  The visual impression is similar, but the eating experience is where it differs.

NPM 1Since it opened in 2016, the family-run Noodles Pho Me has gained significant support on Yelp, with 100 reviews and a 4.5 star average rating. The menu offers only a handful of dishes, but each dish is a star in its own right. When ordering phở, customers have four choices, including a vegetarian option.  The broth is the true star in each of these options, and the additional ingredients effectively elevates that flavor. If you are not specifically hungry for phở, the Khao Poon is another customer favorite, with its coconut milk broth delivering a silky texture that is rich in complex flavors. The Khao Soy is full-bodied and well-balanced, with a tomato-based broth and a choice of beef or a seafood with shrimp, fish balls, and fish cakes.

NPM 5The menu also features some classic appetizers, such as the tender and flavorful chicken satay, crispy fried egg rolls, and a choice of Lao or Thai style papaya salad.  There are also two rice plates on the menu. The sai gok rice plate features a Laotian pork sausage served with vegetables and sticky rice, and the aromatic coco-beef is slices of beef sauteed with coconut milk, served with vegetables and steamed rice. In addition to this menu, Noodles Pho Me also offers tantalizing specials.

NPM 3Noodles Pho Me has quickly become a neighborhood favorite, which besides the excellent food is also largely due to the very customer-friendly service. Customers are welcome to customize their soups to their liking, sample the broths prior to ordering, and a few dishes even allow diners to choose the spice level as well as the serving sizes, which are generous.

NPM 4Experienced gastronomes and curious diners alike will find a reason to love Noodles Pho Me. The next time you travel on Bancroft Avenue with a growling tummy, pull up and give it a try.

UPDATE: Read Luke Tsai’s review of Noodles Pho Me from East Bay Express here.

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