Harvey Mudd College Students Invite San Leandro Community to Unveil Smart City Solution Prototype This Thursday, August 3rd

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Aug 1st, 2017
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Mudders Innovating The Dro (or #MIDRO Team) invites you and interested members of the San Leandro community  to learn more about their Smart City project and celebrate the unveiling of their Smart Waste Monitoring prototype solution this Thursday, August 3rd.  Register  by online RSVP: calendly.com/midro.

The MIDRO Unveiling Day includes a series of activity options that best suits your schedule:

Online registration (RSVP: calendly.com/midro) will provide all the details of location and time. All activites will occur at PilotCity (101 Estudillo Avenue) except for the Morning Coffee Chat which will occur at Zocalo Coffeehouse (645 Bancroft Ave).

For all inquiries, please contact Derick Lee at (510) 676-5861 or dericklee@pilotcity.com

About Project

The project is to develop a Smart Waste Monitoring solution for municipal street trashcans that connect to the City of San Leandro’s Wireless Mesh Network (6LoWPAN) on the newly installed and almost completed 2,700+ Smart Street Lights project. This solution will feed data via sensors regarding trash fill levels for a network of San Leandro trashcans to the OSIsoft PI Software platform, providing waste management staff with intelligent/digital notifications and  recommended actions. The project is still in beta phase, and the community is welcome to join the celebration to find out more!

About Program

This program consists of six Harvey Mudd College students, four San Leandro residents sponsoring homestays for the students and scholarships from Harvey Mudd College, City of San Leandro, OSIsoft and Paradox Engineering. The duration of the program is May 18 – August 4th. The students will continue to develop this project under the guidance of a Harvey Mudd professor into the Fall Semester with the mission to pilot the Smart Waste Monitoring solution.

About PilotCity

Creating cities of the future from within our community by developing cross-sector incubators that spur economic, workforce, business and community development.



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