More Utility Box Art Is Underway

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Aug 11th, 2016


Lynnea in Progress 1The City is pleased to announce that a second round of mural installations on utility boxes has begun!  Following the successful installation of mural art on fifteen utility boxes last year, an additional 25 utility boxes will receive art this year.  When this phase is completed, San Leandro will be home to a total of 41 utility boxes with artwork installed.

136th Bancroft 1This week, artists Lynnea Holland-Weiss and Javier Rocabado have been hand-painting utility boxes located at 136th and Bancroft Avenues, and Lewelling and Wicks Boulevards.  Hand painting on ten City-owned utility boxes will occur over the next weeks, with the remaining boxes to receive polymer wraps installed in the coming months, once the proper permits have been granted by the utility companies.

Before the end of this week, Ryan Montoya will begin painting a utility box on the corner of Fairmont and Bayfair Drives, while Ricky Watts is expected to commence work on the two boxes by the BART station at San Leandro Boulevard and Parrott Street on Monday, August 15th.

This effort is a collaboration between the City of San Leandro and Streets Alive!, an initiative of Earth Island Institute, and curated and organized by Athen B. Gallery.  If you wish to learn how you can sponsor art on a utility box in San Leandro, please contact Lars Halle, Development Coordinator, at 510-577-3311 or

Javier in ProgressThis round of utility box art installations will add art to the following locations:

136th Ave and Bancroft Ave (2 boxes)
Davis St and Warden Ave (6 boxes)
Dutton Ave and Bancroft Ave (1 box)
Dutton Ave and MacArthur Blvd (1 box)
E. 14th St and Best Ave (2 boxes)
E. 14th St and Dolores Ave (1 box)
E. 14th St and Fairmont Ave (2 boxes)
E. 14th St and W. Broadmoor Ave (2 boxes)
Fairmont Ave and Bayfair Ave (1 box)
Lewelling Blvd and Washington Ave (2 boxes)
Lewelling Blvd and Wicks Blvd (1 box)
Marina Blvd and Merced Ave (1 box)
San Leandro Blvd at BART (2 boxes)
Marina Blvd and Doolittle Dr (1 box)

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