New Parking Available in Downtown San Leandro

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Oct 3rd, 2017
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With the completion of the first phases of the San Leandro Tech Campus and the Marea Alta affordable housing development, Downtown San Leandro now has two additional parking options for BART commuters.

Located directly across from the Downtown BART station, at 1400 San Leandro Boulevard, Marea Alta hosts a parking garage with 243 spaces available for BART patrons.  Of the 243 spots, 197 are offered for monthly reserved parking, while the remaining 46 spots will soon be offered on a daily reserved system. Monthly parking fees are $110 per month. Daily rates will be established when that service is available. Marea Alta utilizes Douglas Parking (1-800-877-9984) to manage parking permits online.

Located at 600 Parrott Street, the San Leandro Tech Campus (SLTC) parking garage boasts 771 spaces offered on a daily or monthly basis.  Managed online by ParkJockey, parking fees are issued at $7 per day or $99 per month.  Adjacent to the Downtown BART station, the SLTC Parking Garage is also just a short walk away from Downtown San Leandro.

Both of these options offer reasonable options to the BART station parking, which is offered at $3 per day and $105 per month, but the SLTC garage is also available to drivers not using BART – providing a convenient parking option for Downtown shopping and events, such as Truth Thursdays. Contact the parking management companies (links above) for more information.

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  1. Marsha Felton says:

    For those of us who are not daily commuters, all BART parking disappeared 2 years ago. Now we’re told we can either pay $7/day at OSI Soft, or an undetermined amount at Maria Alta with only 43 spaces returned to the occasional daily BART user. My Clipper card has upwards of $100 left that I haven’t been able to use in 2 years b/c I go to Berkeley for classes to late to park at BART. As a San Leandro retiree I feel terrible dissed!

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