PilotCity Earns First Place at East Bay Innovation Awards!

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Apr 3rd, 2018

Several weeks ago we announced that PilotCity, a San Leandro company, was announced as a Finalist in the 2018 East Bay Innovation Awards in the category of Education. PilotCity, founded by San Leandro resident, SLUSD and Cal Poly/San Luis Obispo grad Derick Lee, is on a mission to create “Connected citizens for smart cities” through development of multiple cross-sector incubators designed to “accelerate the culture of innovation within our cities”.

The City of San Leandro is proud to announce that last Friday evening, Derick Lee walked up to the stage at the Fox Theater in Oakland to accept PilotCity’s award as Winner of the East Bay Innovation Awards in the category of Education! PilotCity had stiff competition in the other category Finalist, Tech Exchange , a seasoned Oakland non-profit that annually provides up to 2,500 families of East Bay K-12 students with free, refurbished computers, training and $10/month internet service.

As Winner, PilotCity was the subject of an article in the San Francisco Business Times’ pull-out publication of the East Bay Innovation Awards, to be inserted in this week’s publication. Full article is featured below.

Additionally, hot off the press, PilotCity has just completed a video that provides an excellent overview of PilotCity industry incubators and how these programs work to inspire innovative approaches to problem solving and career development, below.  Congratulations to Derick and his PilotCity team for their excellent, innovative work with East Bay high schools and community college students, work that is critical to engaging our youth in developing San Leandro’s Smart City Innovation Ecosystem!


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