San Leandro Biz FreeWire Technologies Takes Its Product Nationwide

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Apr 13th, 2017

In 2016, the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce named FreeWire Technologies Innovator of the Year.  The San Leandro-based company put down roots in the city a few years back and has been a player in energy innovation ever since.

Located at the Gate, at 1933 Davis Street, FreeWire Technologies started to develop its vision in 2014, aiming to find practical and efficient solutions to electric vehicle (EV) charging, as well as mobile battery technology.  This spring, FreeWire is taking its Mobi Charger, one of the most innovative solutions to EV fleet charging, on a tour of the United States with stops in Tacoma, WA, Columbus, OH, Long Beach, CA, and New York, NY.

Mobi Chargers can be connected to the same type of wall outlet used by a washer or dryer, and are intelligent, networked charging stations that allow you to set your pricing and electricity delivery, track energy usage for reimbursement, and allow remote access of the stations.  The chargers are supported by a robust software platform in which everything is accessible from a central dashboard, controllable and accessible via a mobile app. A fully charged Mobi Charger can charge up to ten vehicles on a single charge, and can wheel to each vehicle for convenient access.  Mobi Chargers first started charging vehicles at the LinkedIn campus in 2015, and since then have begun to service cars across the country, including many in Hawaii.

FreeWire’s second product, the Mobi Gen system, is a portable battery power system equipped to meet the demands of uses ranging from entertainment events to construction sites.  The Mobi Gen system produces up to 48 kWh of power, again manageable remotely via computer or mobile device.  These devices produce zero emissions, less noise than the average human conversation, and are portable.

FreeWire Technologies is emerging as a leader in clean mobile energy innovation, and adds to the list of San Leandro innovators making a splash in the world of technology and sustainability.

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