San Leandro Students Explore Pathways to San Leandro Careers!

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Aug 13th, 2015
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“Exciting!” “Enlightening!”  “Innovation!”  “Inspiring!”  “Impactful!”

A unique collaboration of public and private, San Leandro and regional education organizations launched an innovative internship program for San Leandro high school students this summer — and some of the participants offered these words in the video’s opening moments to describe the experience.

A special thanks to Derick Lee of Pilot City, whose passion for connecting San Leandro’s youth to this City’s tech and innovation transformation has been key to collaboration with our business community (“Founders Circle”) and documentation of the experience in this video.  San Leandro Career Pathways represents the enthusiasm and discovery that all of the participants, employers and youth, brought to the experience!

Participating San Leandro companies and organizations represent key industries identified by educators as desirable career paths in expanding industries.  These industries include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Health & MedicineInformation
  • Technology & Digital Media
  • Public Service & Law

This summer, with the vision of the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees, San Leandro Unified School District (SLUSD) launched its work-based learning program with the spark of the East Bay consortium of the Career Pathways Initiative (SB1070). In partnership with a local employers, SLUSD alongside PilotCity, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Leandro has began the effort to build pathways into these four high-growth economic areas.

Want to know how your company can participate?  See below for contact information.

Thank you to our participating employers:
Applied Fusion
Methods Machine Tools
Mind 2 Matter 3D Printing
Scandic Springs
Soundfit 3D Scanning
Type A Machines 3D Printers
Kaiser Permanente
Thrifty Medical Supply
City of San Leandro
Bal Theatre
PhaseSpace Motion Capturing
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
Pacific Farms
Sencillo Integrations

Program Contact
Joanne Clark, San Leandro Unified School District
Derick Lee, PilotCity
Deborah Maynard, Eden ROP
Linda Grainger, Eden ROP
Cece Adams, San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
Deborah Acosta, City of San Leandro

If you are an employer looking to contribute to our next generation talent development by investing your time in an internship, please contact Derick Lee at or call (510) 676-5861.

For San Leandro Unified School District administrator, please contact Joanne Clark at or (510) 667-3552.

For questions about industry partnerships and opportunities, please contact Cece Adams of San Leandro Chamber of Commerce at or (510) 912-5254.


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