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Apr 25th, 2017

On April 3, 2017, Cal-Coast Development presented an update on the 75-acre Monarch Bay Shoreline Development Project to the City Council.  The Shoreline Development is a comprehensive master plan for the northern portion of the San Leandro shoreline, which has a vision to create a regional destination that connect the community with the Bay and provides enhanced recreational and community amenities.  The update includes new conceptual designs for the project that propose some notable changes, including the removal of buildings from the outer shoreline area and enhancement of park space in these areas, as well as the elimination of office space from the project.

Over the past year, the City and Cal-Coast Development have been working with the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) to ensure that the plans, developed over the years with significant input from the community, meet BCDC’s regulations. The removal of buildings from the outer shoreline area is largely a result of BCDC regulations, which require that buildings be significantly raised, or moved back, to accommodate anticipated sea level rise.

The new design offers more open space for recreational amenities and there is a general consensus that the project has been improved.  Additional park land for outdoor activities is provided, as well as plaza areas, a pedestrian promenade, bike lanes that connect the bay trail, a boat launch area, and opportunities for public art and environmental education.  The proposal includes a 200-room hotel, half of which will be a Hyatt Place and the other half an extended stay Hyatt House, as well as two restaurants, a banquet facility, an apartment complex, and up to 200 single family and town houses.  Construction of a new 2,500 square foot Mulford-Marina Branch Library is also planned as a part of the project.

The Shoreline Development strives to be a net-zero, mixed use project, providing Electric Vehicle charging stations in the parking facilities and pulling San Leandro’s dark fiber to enable opportunities for public Wi-Fi.

Next steps for the project include finalizing the project proposal and design, which will go through a public review and approval process with the City and other regulatory agencies, as well as execution of a development agreement with the City of San Leandro.  You can view the update provided to the City Council here and more background on the project on the City’s website.


7 Responses to “Shoreline Development Update”

  1. Clark Kent says:

    This is good. Maybe they need to add a movie theather complex too. Hyatt place and hyatt house are a welcome surprise considering SL, its proximity to silicon valley, tesla in fremont and the DRO kaiser. When do they think its going to happen?

  2. Tom Abate says:

    Glad the office building is gone. The hotel and extended stay sound like good ideas consistent with the space and the neighborhoods without an undue traffic burden. At one point condo/townhouses were part of the picture. Is that gone? Or elsewhere in a different plan.

  3. Leah Hall says:

    We are oncerned about connectivity to the existing street grid and avoiding that *very* exurban situation where housing BACKS UP TO the main road instead of facing it. Looks like Monarch Bay Drive will be just a row of backyard fences across from a parking lot. The design implies excessive speeds on Monarch Bay typical of most of the rest of suburban and industrial San Leandro c rtoday.

    Please improve the plan by calming speeds on Monarch Bay and turn townhouses/sf residences around so that units face that street. Alternatively, consider mixed use development along Monarch Bay Drive with comercial storefronts facing the street at street level and housing on second level facing street and golf course.

    Disappointed to see that shoreline habitat restoration is not a driving goal for the project.

    Seems like there is opportunity to pair library facilities program with waterfront recreation activity including equipment rental and youth day camp.

  4. San Leandro Resident says:

    A couple of coffee shops/small eatery/brewery is missing from these plans. Such a large space requires an area to purchase refreshments/ small bites. Nothing of that sort is in walking distance from the Marina aside from the formal restaurant.

  5. Robert says:

    I love all the comments great suggestions. This is a valuable space and has the opportunity to put San Leandro on the map as a spectacular place to live. Please be creative with this space and think big with practical projects with proven success according to our geographic needs. Recreation, mixed use, and restoration of the natural habitat are all important considerations.

  6. Robert says:

    Also, I believe connecting the neighborhoods close to the marina will create more foot traffic for business. Trails built along water canals can easily connect the Manor/Bon Air neighborhoods to the marina. This will have a win win affect because it will increase home values in these neighborhoods and attract more foot traffic to the Marina supporting restaurants and the proposed coffee shop. Higher home values will generate increased tax revenue for the City. Please look at Google Maps to see what I am referring to.

  7. Please keep in mind shoreline fishing and possibly create some accommodations for shoreline fishing and fisherfolks, like benches with pole holders, cleaning tables, maybe a fishing pier? and garbage recepticles. Thank you

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