Startup in Residence Program 2017 Launches TODAY!

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Mar 9th, 2017

STIRThe Startup in Residence Program is back!  STIR 2016 was the City’s first collaboration with the cities of San Francisco (as lead agency), Oakland and West Sacramento.  STIR connects government agencies with startups to develop technology products that address civic challenges. Over 16 weeks, startups and government work together to co-develop a solution that creates real impact.  Please refer to the STIR web site to answer questions about the program.

The STIR 2017 RFP application launches today, continuing our initial 2016 collaboration with San Francisco, Oakland and West Sacramento.  San Leandro’s new challenges are focused on 1) creating great connections between San Leandro residents, their City and their interests; and 2) creating awareness of San Leandro’s many historic, artistic and natural assets, leading to discovery!

This year, the City is issuing a Response for Proposal (“RFP”) that can be found by clicking on this link.  Companies selected will contract with the City regarding the product to be developed, ensuring a smooth transition from the 16 week, pro-bono development phase to a contract that supports the maintenance and further iterations of the final product.

Link to RFP:

Link to the STIR Application Landing Page

Link to the STIR 2017 Applications on Screendoor

Link to the STIR Program Timeline


San Leandro Connect imageCity of San Leandro – CHALLENGE STATEMENT I


Department: Information Technology

Challenge Statement: San Leandro IT is interested in creating a personalized digital experience for residents, akin to commercial technology such as Amazon, Netflix, and Google. In this manner, Residents would have a way of creating and managing their City profile information, and identifying preferences for city communications such as events, volunteer opportunities, emergency notifications, etc. In addition, the software should be able to make recommendations to Residents based on their interests. The second component would be to aggregate these new City profiles with existing City data sources (including: email contact lists, CRMs, web accounts, etc.) to create a “Master” profile record of the Resident. These master profile records would need to be updated monthly, at minimum.

The Why: When residents use the City’s various digital services, the experience can be disjointed and frustrating as they end up with multiple accounts (one for each service). They may not even realize the breadth of digital services the City has available. Meanwhile, the city has no way of easily accessing contact information for its 90,000+ residents and many more visitors, nor understanding their specific interests in City services. Individual outreach efforts by City Staff end up being very time consuming. In addition, there is a missed opportunity to foster civic engagement by matching City services (i.e., volunteer opportunities) with residents’ individual interests.



Department: Library

Casa Peralta

Casa Peralta, historic residence

Challenge Statement: San Leandro is home to a number of historic, artistic, and natural assets–many of which are within the downtown area. These sites include:

  • Casa Peralta
  • San Leandro History Museum
  • San Leandro Creek
  • San Leandro History Walk
  • Truth Is Beauty

Unfortunately, many residents and visitors are unaware of their existence. The city is seeking a mobile driven solution that encourages interaction with these and additional sites located throughout the downtown area of San Leandro.

The Why: San Leandro is in the midst of revitalization. While the City is seeing tremendous growth, it is at risk of becoming a commuter city. Creating a mobile opportunity for residents and visitors to engage with San Leandro’s various historic, artistic and natural assets could result in higher civic engagement, pride, better business, and more stewardship. Additionally, it would provide an opportunity to obtain use statistics and feedback for the various sites. There is no mechanism currently in place to collect feedback from the 90,000+ residents and visitors that might visit these areas of interest.

Link to RFP:

Truth Is Beauty, San Leandro Tech Campus

Truth Is Beauty, San Leandro Tech Campus

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