The Original Mels Diner to Open on December 19!

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Dec 13th, 2016


You may have noticed that the former Carrow’s Restaurant at 15011 Hesperian Boulevard (at East 14th St) has been changing over the past several months. Inside and out, the building has received improvements, and on December 19, the iconic Original Mels diner will open its doors to customers. An American fixture at their original location in San Francisco since 1947, the distinctive diner gained significant traction after appearing in George Lucas’s 1973 cult classic American Graffiti, and has been expanding its franchise ever since.

The improvements at their San Leandro location reflect an investment of $450,000, and the establishment was able to participate in the City’s Commercial Rehabilitation program to help enhance the exterior.  The menu is extensive and made up of American diner-fare, including all-day breakfast, 24 hamburger varieties, as well as a multitude of shakes, malts, and sundaes.


7 Responses to “The Original Mels Diner to Open on December 19!”

  1. JeffB says:

    Eggs, bacon, burgers, dairy, bread, processed starches and sugar. They don’t call it SAD (Standard American Diet) for nothing. Should have located this closer to the hospital. San Leandro doesn’t need another venue for unhealthy food, and I regret that the City helped fund it.

  2. anita says:

    I don’t suppose it will be a drive thru? Or with carhops? on roller skates?
    Looking forward to it.
    To the previous responder:

    So don’t eat there….

  3. Lisa B says:

    There are Many healthy options on the menu.

  4. Carlos Morones says:

    Very happy and excited, welcome to San Leandro!!!!!

  5. Donna W. says:

    Life is about making choices. Eat there. Don’t eat there. It’s a choice. I’m happy to welcome a new business to San Leandro.

  6. Edna Turnblad says:

    Mel’s Diner or Carrow’s? Which would you prefer? Mel’s has at least tidied up after the dizzzzester that was Carrow’s. I’ll give Mel’s Diner a chance.

  7. Scott Brooks says:

    Dear Staff, I noticed in your diner photos that you have a 32 coupe wall art with lighted headlights. My father has a 32 coupe as seen on the movie American Graffiti. This would make an excellent gift for the Dad that seems to have everything. Could you put me in touch with or email me information as to where I could purchase one like what you have in your diner?


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