SolarAPP Streamlined Solar Permits Now Available

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May 31st, 2024
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Applying for a permit to install solar panels is now easier than ever! Residents and their contractors can now use SolarAPP+ for expedited solar panel (photovoltaic) and battery (energy storage system) permit applications.

The integration of the SolarAPP+ system into the City’s online permit system, Accela, is a part of continued efforts to make the permit process more expedient and user-friendly, and was funded by a $60,000 grant.

In 2023, the City of San Leandro transitioned to allow online applications for Building Permits. This online option provides applicants the flexibility to apply during their preferred timeframe, regardless of the Permit Center’s public hours.  With a reduced carbon footprint from not having to drive to City Hall to apply, customers can save time and money applying for their building projects.

To utilize the Instant Residential Solar Permits process contractors should:

  • Register with SolarAPP+ and meet baseline qualifications
  • Ensure that the project is eligible for SolarAPP+ review
  • Upload solar panel/battery system design to the SolarAPP+ system for review and approval.
  • Apply for a San Leandro Residential Solar Permit with SolarAPP+ through the City’s online permit system, Accela.
  • Submit building permit fees, and SolarAPP+ approved plans, checklist and specification sheets through Accela.
  • Once permit is issued, complete work and schedule inspection

With the addition of Instant Residential Solar Permits, the City expects to see increased efficiency of residential solar permitting as well as additional cost and time savings for customers.  For more information on how to apply for these instant solar permits, please visit

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