2018 New Restaurant Roundup – A Year In Review

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Dec 12th, 2018


A common sentiment among San Leandrans in recent years has been a wish for more new restaurants. Over the past few years, that wish has been granted a number of times.  In 2018 a considerable slew of new restaurants and food establishments has popped up across town.

2018 seems to be the year of the hot pot – San Leandro has seen three new hot pot restaurants open over the course of twelve months. Shabu House opened its Japanese-style hot pot restaurant at 1376 E. 14th Street. In Greenhouse Marketplace, 699 Lewelling Boulevard, Fusion Pot opened its doors, serving Chinese-style hot pots. Most recently, Dynasty Pot opened at 1371 E. 14th Street in Washington Plaza with a Taiwanese hot pot concept.

In Pelton Plaza, Korean chicken restaurant Maejoo has opened to great accolades at 185 Pelton Center Way. Franchise counterpart Bonchon also arrived at 1275 Washington Avenue in Washington Plaza. And on E. 14th Street, San Leandrans have seen the opening of Full House Cafe, a unique Hong Kong/American fusion concept (1456 E. 14th Street), and Shanghainese restaurant Xiao Long Bao (1668 E. 14th Street), whose name reflects its signature dish.

At 635 E. 14th Street, Soul Food restaurant Scend’s has found a new home, relocating from its former Emeryville location. The Broadmoor neighborhood is thrilled to see the arrival of As Kneaded Bakery at 585 Victoria Court, and folks line up every weekend for hearty artisanal breads.

Near Bayfair, at 15070 Hesperian Boulevard, Joe’s Pho/Cool H2O opened its 2-in-1 concept of combining a Vietnamese Pho restaurant with a boba tea shop. Poke Star Sushi is racking up Yelp reviews at 13700 Doolittle Drive, and very recently, at 2108 Marina Boulevard, Kigawa Bistro opened its Sushi establishment. Lastly, Korean restaurant JP Seoul Tofu House has filled the former Best Burger spot at 14393 Washington Avenue.

But the good news doesn’t end there. In the coming year, San Leandro will see more quality food establishments arriving. A few are already in the pipeline. Top Hatters Kitchen is a highly anticipated restaurant which will serve modern California cuisine at 855 MacArthur Boulevard. In Pelton Center, Atelier Colibri Patisserie Francaise will be offering delectable pastries and cakes.

At the Westgate Shopping Center, It’s a Grind Coffee House is preparing to serve barista-crafted beverages, and at Creekside Plaza, a dual concept restaurant combining Antigua Coffee Shop and artisanal Papaito Rotisserie will replace Creekside Bistro. Two Indian restaurants are also in progress: Kismat Indian Cuisine is nearing completion at 15099 Hesperian Boulevard, and Indian Grill is underway at 1600 Washington Avenue, the former location of Ploughman’s Restaurant.

So, renew your gym memberships or loosen your belts, 2019 will be another year to dine out in San Leandro.



8 Responses to “2018 New Restaurant Roundup – A Year In Review”

  1. Thank you for this excellent compilation. We have tried many of ’em and are regulars at As.needed and Maeejo.

    My wife and I are residents of San Leandro and we started Koolfi Creamery this year. We make California style, Indian inspired ice creams. We have been scooping at Zocalo Cafe on Sundays from 1-5 pm from this summer. You can find us next two Sundays there and after that we will be back next March. We would love to be on this list. Please consider updating it and adding us.

    Please feel free to reach me at the email below. Happy Holidays! Priti

  2. Michael says:

    You forgot the best opening of them all!!!

    Happy Lemon. https://www.yelp.com/biz/happy-lemon-san-leandro-3

  3. Susan Reisz says:

    Would like to see more up=scale restaurants. like Paradiso and Horatios

  4. Jim says:

    My wife and I would like to see some good Italian(not pizza) restaurants in Western San Leandro.

  5. Laurel Joy Johansen Nymann says:

    Seems like they are mostly Korean, Chinese, sushi or Japanese. While I like those types of restaurants, San Leandro needs more variety. Maybe a good steak house.

  6. Vickie Erickson says:

    I would like to see a good upscale steak house in the Washington Manor area

  7. APRIL DORRIS says:

    I love Shabu Dining on east 14th street. The service is fantastic and the food was fresh meat lamb and thinly sliced Kobe ribeye beef. Miso or ginger chicken soup. It was delicious I would recommend everyone try it at least once.

  8. […] more exciting version of itself.  Over the coming years, proposed developments and the coming of more new restaurants and retail spaces will continue to bring more amenities and culture to the area.  Stay tuned, […]

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