A Call For Input From San Leandro Businesses

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Nov 14th, 2019


The City of San Leandro is committed to working towards a sustainable future. Such a goal is not attainable without active participation from the San Leandro business and residential communities. The City’s Sustainability Manager, Hoi-Fei Mok, would like to share these two resources with businesses and residents with hopes that folks will engage and work hand-in-hand with the City to continue the great work already underway.

The California Green Business Network

Businesses often wonder how much it costs to get certified as a Green Business. The program itself doesn’t charge a certification fee, but there are sometimes costs involved related to making upgrades. The California Green Business Network currently has funds available to help businesses offset these costs and receive Green Business Certification. Not only can a business get certified at no cost, but it can actually get money to help meet the program standards! This is a unique and time-sensitive opportunity.

The Green Business Program has a $500 rebate opportunity available: https://greenbusinessca.org/AlamedaCounty/Rebate It’s open to any business that gets certified or re-certified, as long as the money is used to meet one of the program requirements. Businesses have used it to install LEDs, buy Energy Star refrigerators, put in occupancy sensors, upgrade to low-flow toilets, buy recycled paper products, and more. These funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis while they last. Act soon to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

The San Leandro Climate Action Assessment

As the City of San Leandro prepares for the Climate Action Plan update, knowing what residents and businesses are already doing and what challenges they face will help the City to better develop strategies and projects to support the community. The San Leandro Climate Action Assessment is an initial survey of residents and businesses in San Leandro around their awareness of the climate crisis and potential actions to take. Climate action is any action that helps people transition away from reliance on fossil fuels and towards a safer and healthier clean energy future. Participation in the survey will only take ten minutes and will help shape the plan development and outreach efforts. Thank you for your time and assistance!

Questions can be directed to the City of San Leandro’s Sustainability Manager, Hoi-Fei Mok, at sustainableSL@sanleandro.org.


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