Applying for a Building Permit is Easier than Ever

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Feb 9th, 2024

Over the past several years, San Leandro has made a number of improvements to its permit system and processes. With the improved Online Permit Portal, customers can easily apply for, track, and pay for permits – all online! Homeowners and businesses can also get an overview of the permitting process and requirements by viewing our latest Building Permits Workshop. To learn more and apply for a permit, click here.

The City of San Leandro’s Building and Safety division promotes health and safety in the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures, and the maintenance of property through enforcement of building codes, conservation standards, regulations, and ordinances. The division issues building permits, reviews and monitors the design, construction, installation, demolition, and maintenance of privately-owned buildings and structures in accordance with national, state, and local codes and regulations.

Until recently, submittals were only accepted in-person at the City’s Permit Center. But over the course of nearly a year, the City’s Building & Safety team, which includes the Permit Center staff, have been working diligently to implement an online submittal option. This service helps to cut down on transfer times of received documents and accelerate the review process, as well as eliminates the printing of multiple sets of plans as well as the need to drive to City Hall, thereby reducing carbon output in multiple ways.

The new online permit portal accepts applications for Building permits, Planning applications (which are sometimes required for a Building permit to be issued), and Engineering permits. In the portal, you can create, track, and search applications, schedule inspections, as well as search code enforcement records.

On January 23, 2024, the City hosted a free Building Permit workshop for business owners and homeowners, providing useful and valuable information on the Building Permit process. The workshop was presented by the City’s Chief Building Official, Mike Jeffery, and answered questions for commercial and residential property owners alike. A video recording of the workshop is now available on the City’s website, as well as below:

The City’s website also offers many useful tools and resources for managing your construction project, whether verifying the current building codes, checking flood zones, confirming solar permit guidelines, and more. There is also a page full of documents to help you navigate fees, locate forms and applications, as well as plan submittal guidelines for most every type of project.

State of California Earthquake Brace & Bolt Program

Again this year, Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) is offering an additional Supplemental Grant (SG) to income-eligible homeowners. If your household annual income is $87,360 or less, you may qualify for an SG that could pay up to 100 percent of your seismic retrofit. The maximum amount of the grant depends on the type of retrofit you are doing and where your house is located. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to protect your family and home. For more information about the EBB program, visit our website at

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at or at (877) 232-4300, and don’t forget to share EBB with family and neighbors—time is limited to register!

Online registration for EBB is now open, and it will remain open through February 21, 2024. Earthquake Brace + Bolt provides up to $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit for qualifying homes and is now available in 815 California ZIP Codes. Click here to see if your house is in an eligible ZIP Code.

California Energy Design Assistance

Do you have a commercial project in the making? You could qualify for a new energy savings program. The California Energy Design Assistance (CEDA) is now offering a free and comprehensive analysis of different energy efficiency options and will lay out potential energy savings and incentives tailored to your specific project. CEDA is available for most project types, including commercial, public, industrial, agricultural, and high-rise multifamily projects four stories or higher. To learn more, visit, call 866-502-3914, or email

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