Applying for a Permit Just Got Easier!

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Apr 20th, 2023

San Leandro has completed a major overhaul of its permit system, allowing customers to easily apply for, track, and pay for permits – all on the new Online Permit Portal! To learn more and apply for a permit, click here.

The City of San Leandro issues permits for a variety of activities to ensure the safety and quality of life in the community. There are Planning permits, Engineering permits, Fire permits, Environmental permits, and most commonly – Building permits. San Leandro is always humming with construction activity, ranging from home remodels, to commercial tenant improvements, to construction of multi-million dollar new industrial and residential buildings.

Since June of 2022, the Building Division has issued more than 2,000 permits, which represents almost $200 M worth of investment in San Leandro – a 35% increase over the prior fiscal year.

In an effort to better serve businesses and the community, the Community Development Department is continually working to modernize and improve its processes. We are always looking for ways to leverage technology to improve the customer service experience.

Streamlined Permit System

Over the course of the past year, City staff has been working diligently on improving the permit application process – in particular as it pertains to submitting electronically. Since 2015 the City has used the third party platform Accela for the processing of permits, and since then, Accela has developed a multitude of improvements that the City is adopting.

These improvements and upgrades are designed to improve expedience, reduce waste, and streamline the application process. There is no longer a need to wait your turn at the counter! Just submit your application online when you are ready.

This upgrade enables significant improvements in self-service and transparency, and better communication throughout the permitting process. Most notably, applicants can now submit their applications (including plans attached as PDFs) online. When submitting an application, the applicant now has the ability to choose the specific permit type from a menu.

Applicants also have the ability to make their payments via credit card online, check on the status of their application, and will receive email communications when their application is received, when fees are due, and when inspections have taken place.

There are also multiple support mechanisms in place, such as permit descriptions within the platform, as well as written guides and soon-to-come how-to videos on the City’s website. You can also search permit histories and code enforcement records, and schedule inspections within the same platform.

The upgrade is live now, with the support features coming online in the next week or so. More information on this upgrade can be found on the Online Permit Portal.

2 Responses to “Applying for a Permit Just Got Easier!”

  1. Gordon Imrie says:

    With the help of an expediter it cost $1400 for us to get a permit to replace for Windows. This is outrageous.

  2. Gordon Imrie says:

    Typo above:

    …for four windows…

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