Calling all Businesses! Sponsor a Utility Box Mural!

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Jan 22nd, 2015

You may have noticed that some of those ugly gray traffic control utility boxes are becoming works of art. Last year, the City of San Leandro worked with Streets Alive on a demonstration project to develop artistic enhancements for seven groups of utility boxes you see on street sidewalks. The City is now looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor more utility box murals citywide. Below are some details about how to sponsor a box mural:

  • Approximate cost is $2,500 per box (actual cost depends on box size, location and artwork selected);
  • City will administer a call-for-artists, development, preparation and installation of mural(s);
  • Business/Individual will select artwork and artist.
  • Utility box artwork cannot be an advertisement for a business, however the sponsoring business will receive credit in the title label at the base of the box. It is fine to use artwork that is thematically consistent with the sponsoring or neighboring businesses.

By installing artwork on utility boxes in San Leandro, we create a platform for storytelling and communication, transforming ugly, obtrusive utility boxes into vibrant art pieces and a topic of interest for the community. Want to sponsor a mural on one of the boxes?

Please contact Justin Proffitt (510) 577-3327 in the Office of Business Development more details.

Caltrans Utility Boxes in the Plaza Del Oro

“Zippers & Buttons” by Lisa Hoffman at the Plaza Del Oro.

“Zippers & Buttons”
by Lisa Hoffman in the Plaza Del Oro.

2 Responses to “Calling all Businesses! Sponsor a Utility Box Mural!”

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  2. […] Going forward, we’re looking for help from the community to turn more boxes into works of art. If you would like to sponsor a box of your own, please contact the Office of Business Development at (510) 577-3327 or click here. […]

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