City Council Adopts Economic Strategy & Work Plan

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Dec 19th, 2013
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On December 16, 2013 the San Leandro City Council adopted an Economic Development Strategy and Work Plan to guide economic development for the City. A draft Strategy was presented in May 2013 to the City Council and was brought back to Council for adoption after a series of public presentations and revisions to include recent project launches. The Strategy includes a snapshot of San Leandro’s economy and outlines nine initiatives designed to create a positive environment for investment in our community.

The Strategy confirmed that San Leandro’s economy continues to move in a very positive direction, with the unemployment rate at 6.9%, down from a high over 11% just a couple years ago. Sales tax revenue is steadily increasing, vacancy rates are at low levels, particularly in the industrial area, requests for building permits are rising and over 150 new businesses began operations in the past year, including BevMo! and Banana Republic.

The nine initiatives are:

  • Support and Retention of Existing Businesses
  • Marketing and Business Attraction
  • Completion of Strategic Development Projects
  • Downtown San Leandro
  • Development of Infrastructure Critical to Business Activity
  • Lit San Leandro and Broadband
  • Development of a Healthy Tech and Innovation Ecosystem
  • Regional Coordination and Policy Development
  • Successful Completion of Redevelopment Agency Unwinding

For more information, check out the Economic Development Strategy and Work Plan.

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  1. Paul says:

    We need more upscale restaurants and retail stores!

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