City Seeks Feedback on Building Reach Codes

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Jan 26th, 2022
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The City of San Leandro is inviting public feedback around reach code development on building electrification and electric vehicles for new construction. Reach codes are a local requirement that “reach” beyond the State code requirements for green buildings. These can include new requirements for all-electric buildings, more electric vehicle chargers, energy efficiency, and more. 

San Leandro‚Äôs Reach Code is being developed following the approval of the 2021 Climate Action Plan to address climate change by saving energy and reducing emissions.  San Leandro kicked off its reach code development process in November 2021 and will be supported by technical assistance from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)

All-electric buildings and transportation are safer, healthier, and more cost effective overall, but may impact some industries more than others. To ensure that business concerns are heard, the following outreach sessions will be held to get feedback on the development of the reach codes: 

These sessions are designed for developers, industry leaders, and property owners to give input on how shifting to all-electric buildings and electric vehicle charging will impact them so that staff can draft the reach codes with concerns in mind. 

Once the targeted stakeholder sessions are held and the statewide cost-effectiveness study is available, public presentations to Planning Commission and City Council are planned for late spring/summer 2022. The goal is to adopt the building and EV reach codes by fall 2022 and have them go into effect in Jan 2023. Read more about reach codes on the City website

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  1. Rodney Cain says:

    Hello, my business home base is in San Leandro, CA. I would like to know if I could receive information on a recap of what was discussed in the industrial sector and the commercial property sector from the zoom meetings you had on January 31, 2022 and February 1, 2022

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