Cleophus Quealy Beer Company Coming to San Leandro

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Jul 11th, 2013

CleophusQuealyCleophus Quealy Beer Company announced this week that they have signed a lease to move into 448 Hester Street in San Leandro. Plans are in place to open a craft brewery and tasting room early in 2014.

Cleophus Quealy  is a craft brewery startup formed by Peter Baker and Dan Watson, two engineers who met while working together at Google in 2005. Like many breweries, Cleophus Quealy owes its humble beginnings to two beer lovers in a suburban garage, sending the aromas of sweet mash and potent hops wafting through the neighborhood each weekend. Then in 2012, what began as a casual homebrewing tradition culminated into Cleophus Quealy Beer Company.

Along with the thriving Drake’s Brewing  at Westgate Center, San Leandro also boasts the home brewing company Williams Brewing, Inc., wholesale company Brewmaster Inc., the distribution center BSG CraftBrewing  and several restaurants that have extensive microbrew selections and the upcoming Home Brewing Workshop at Library on Saturday July 20.  We’re excited about the start of a craft brewing cluster in San Leandro. 

For more information, check out Cleophus Quealy on Facebook and Twitter.

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