Discover These New Shops at Pelton Center

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Nov 3rd, 2022

Despite the challenges of the past several years, exciting new businesses are opening across town. San Leandro has seen a remarkable number of new, small businesses opening, many of them industrial or specific professional services, which may fly under the radar of the average San Leandran. However, at the Pelton Center in Downtown San Leandro, a handful of unique small businesses have opened their doors, offering yummy treats and specialty goods to the community. And, keep your eyes open for even more food options in the coming months!

Ge’ez Market

At 159 Pelton Center Way, Ethiopian spice and gift shop Ge’ez Market has been open since 2021. This one-of-a-kind boutique is the only Ethiopian spice shop in the region, and stocks a plethora of Ethiopian spices and other common ingredients for Ethiopian dishes. Additionally, the shop sells traditional clothes, serving ware, jewelry and more. Ge’ez Market sees customers coming from the entire East Bay to find the specialties being offered.

Be Well Juice

At 138 Pelton Center Way, Be Well Juice assumes the former space of Patisserie Atelier Colibri. Be Well offers healthy cold-pressed juices and smoothies, as well as two hearty sandwiches. The menu boasts nine refreshing juices (which can be made fizzy upon request) and five or six abundantly fruity smoothies. To satisfy a hungry tummy, the portobello or lox sandwiches are sure to satisfy.


A few months ago, Mochinut took over the space previously occupied by Maejoo at 185 Pelton Center Way. Mochinut is a popular brand of mochi donuts, but customers may also enjoy Korean rice flour hot dogs and bubble tea drinks. Donuts come in single count, 3-pack, 6-pack, and a dozen. You can also choose from a variety of mochi drinks to go with your sweet or savory selection.

Be sure to stop by and try these new shops and welcome them to San Leandro! The Downtown area continues to see new businesses create renewed excitement and activity – be on the lookout for the following highly anticipated restaurants coming soon:

4 Responses to “Discover These New Shops at Pelton Center”

  1. Jeffrey Montero says:

    I heard IHOP is opening in the old sizzler spot in the Washington Plaza have you heard of a opening Date.I it’s nice to see a American restaurant opening since Lyons was there

  2. John M says:

    I remember noticing the “Joe’s Pho Coming Soon” sign in Washington Plaza around February 2021. Is there new indication that it really is coming?

  3. […] At the most recent Council Meeting, Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter presented a Small Business Saturday proclamation to two local businesses: Ge’ez Market and Be Well Juice – both located at Pelton Center in Downtown San Leandro. These businesses were also featured in another blog post earlier this month. […]

  4. The owner of joes pho in San Leandro hired undocumented workers, paid them less than minimum wage, made them work 13 hours a day 7 days a week, and when one of them got sick she tried to evict them because she is also a landlord even tho they already paid that months rent. Can we not have that restaurant open please!!

    News report here:

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