East Bay Community Energy Rolls Out Service to San Leandro Residents

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Oct 25th, 2018


On November 1, 2018, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) will be providing cleaner, greener energy to San Leandro residents. Over the past few weeks, notifications about the change have been distributed to residents via mail and, additionally, the EBCE has hosted information tables at the Downtown San Leandro Farmers’ Market as well as the Sausage & Suds  Music Festival.

East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) procures clean power, generated on behalf of local residents and businesses. PG&E will continue to maintain the poles and wires needed to deliver that power. As a San Leandro resident, you will get a single bill from PG&E that includes PG&E Delivery Charges and EBCE Generation Charges. San Leandro residents will automatically be enrolled in the most affordable Bright Choice enrollment service. Learn more about the enrollment services HERE.

The City of San Leandro joined Alameda County and 10 other cities to create EBCE, the not-for-profit public agency formed to provide a community-choice energy service. EBCE is the result of years of public process, and directly benefits our residents and businesses by providing cleaner electricity at a lower cost.

Of particular interest to San Leandro is potential for local energy production for the EBCE, through rooftop solar photo voltaic (PV) that can be fed back into the grid to create revenue to businesses and building owners. EBCE has a local development business plan that you can check out online (https://ebce.org/local-development-business-plan/). The plan outlines ways to invest in our county through local job development, increased local renewables, additional energy efficiency, and other energy-related programs.

EBCE’s rates for Bright Choice service are, in fact, lower than PG&E’s rates even after all fees. EBCE’s website has a rate comparison charts that are the result of a joint effort with PG&E and show the lower rates offered by EBCE. If you want to opt up to greenhouse gas-free electricity (Brilliant 100 or Renewable 100), visit ebce.org or call 1-833-699-EBCE (3223). If you have additional questions, please visit EBCE’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

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