Enhanced LINKS Shuttle Services Launched

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Mar 16th, 2015

Links Logo smDid you know that San Leandro LINKS offers a free shuttle connection between the Downtown San Leandro BART station and much of San Leandro’s industrial area?

As reported here last year, major enhancements were identified in order to make the LINKS service faster and more convenient. We are pleased to report that the enhanced services launched earlier this month. LINKS now runs on two distinct loops through the north and south sections of San Leandro. The new services were designed to meet the following goals:

  • More frequent service with shorter wait times
  • Reduced time required for a round-trip ride
  • Connections to businesses that previously could not access LINKS, especially those on Marina Boulevard

LINKS is a key component of our efforts to revitalize of San Leandro’s industrial areas. Employees at innovative companies demand a range of transportation options and LINKS offers an easy, free connection between employment locations and BART.

For more information on LINKS, including route maps, service hours, and stop locations, please visit the San Leandro LINKS website.


11 Responses to “Enhanced LINKS Shuttle Services Launched”

  1. Bob Coston says:

    Please send a list of times for each stop?

    Please advise.



  2. Nae says:

    I have a question, so the route is going to change starting tomorrow and I want to know y? And what way it’s going? Because I would have to go to the marina square so what time will the shuttle bus come? And is it going to come inside where the bus comes in the Bart or on the outside like on the street I need answers ASAP!!! THANK YOU

    • SLNext says:

      The route changes were last year (2015), so nothing will be changing today. The shuttle does not run on a timed schedule, rather it comes every 15-20 during the service hours. The shuttle does not stop inside the Marina Square shopping center. Please look for the LINKS signs at the bus stops on Marina Blvd. For more on the route, service hours, and stop locations, please visit http://www.sanleandrolinks.com.

  3. mario ortiz says:

    Great service

  4. Linda says:

    Do you have the it star in the pm

  5. George says:

    5:49 p.m. August 9th 2000 16 was in the right-hand Lane at the corner of Marina and Alvarado proceeding South on Alvarado Street the bus was in the lane next to me on the left side there’s a car in front of me the car in front of me proceeded to take off and I was right behind him this 20-foot bus was accelerating so fast he tried to pass both cars up I guess the gentleman doesn’t realize that a 20-foot bus when it’s at its full capacity has no power bad enough and has no problem when there’s no people in it I could not believe what this driver did trying to accelerate and blocked off both vehicles we passed safely and merge into the left lane where the arrows were he then proceeded to come up on our tail at a high rate of speed and honk his horn I couldn’t figure out what had happened so I slow down as I slow down he honked his horn even more so I slowed down and he had passed me on my right side going approximately 45 miles an hour I was doing between 35 and 36 I could not believe what he had done so he started to slow down and we’ve got alongside of him we took some pictures and got a pictures of the bus from the back end and got his number I could not believe this driver and the way he was driving with a full amount of people plus the fact he didn’t even stop at the railroad crossing as I stop I guess to let people out but his emergency brakes there’s on is when I photographed at pictures and then I proceeded to get into left lane.. I do have a picture of the driver then hopefully this company will recommend him for doing what he did……. what bothers me is he had a load of passengers wasn’t even concerned for their safety whatsoever

  6. Jackie says:

    Hello, I just started using your shuttle to go to work, but unfortunately there is no bus or shuttle for going home at night (10:30 pm) Will there be any changes in running later?

  7. Krishna soni says:

    Hi sar madam I am live in east 14 street 165 AV San leandero can I get ride free from there
    Thank you

  8. Colin says:

    January 16, 2017 630pm
    I was waiting at the stop near marina shopping center for 15 minutes, and the driver, a balding older white gentleman, looked at me and kept on driving past me. He was not in the right side lane near the curb, but the middle lane, so it seems he never had any intentions of making the stop. Bus #1255 if that helps identify the driver.
    I suggest that you tell all drivers to at least slow down in the correct lane in front of each stop, to at the very least check if someone is there waiting. The only service offered is picking people up, so why not slow down in front of every potential stop??
    I realize the service is free to riders, but some entity is paying for the shuttle service, it’s very frustrating to wait for a shuttle and just watch the driver fly by you.

  9. Mary aluoch says:

    Can I know if link will be working tomorrow 02/20/17.It is president day holiday some of us are working and some colleges will have classes.

  10. Bridget says:

    Most of the time the drivers are going so fast, they pass up the stop and we have to wait for the next bus.

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