Four New Restaurants Open in San Leandro

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May 24th, 2023

San Leandro’s restaurant scene continues to grow and evolve, and just in the past few weeks, four new restaurants have opened, adding to the diversity of dining options in the city.

On May 9, 2023, after much anticipation, Nick the Greek opened at 1509 E. 14th Street, offering free lunch on opening day. Since then, diners have raved about the restaurant, applauding the quality of the food and the portion sizes.

Nick the Greek is a gyro and souvlaki restaurant, offering staple Greek fast food options in a newly renovated space in the former Luke’s Grill spot on E. 14th Street.

That same week, Joe’s Pho opened its second San Leandro location, at 1305 Washington Avenue, after having operated successfully at its primary Hesperian Boulevard location for nearly five years.

Joe’s Pho offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine as well as boba tea in its freshly updated restaurant space in the former Avenue shop in Washington Plaza.

On May 13, 2023, the unique “Mexi-terranean” concept of Habibi’s Birria arrived at 403 Lewis Avenue, adjacent to Koolfi Creamery on the corner of MacArthur and Lewis Avenues.

Habibi’s Birria offers halal Mexican and Mediterranean food from a menu that honors each food culture uniquely, as well as interesting combinations.

For a good long time, Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill at 15028 Hesperian Boulevard was a mainstay for East Bay sports enthusiasts, and its closure in 2020 left a big hole. This month, the establishment re-opened under new ownership, with a slightly altered name: Rickey’s Sports Lounge. The look has been refreshed and updated, but the concept is still the same.

The vitality of the San Leandro restaurant scene is truly going strong, and it only seems to be getting better. More new restaurants are on the horizon, including Ike’s Sandwiches on Parrott Street, so stay tuned for more news on where you can go to satisfy your culinary yens.

13 Responses to “Four New Restaurants Open in San Leandro”

  1. Cynthia Rose says:

    I ate at Joe’s Pho on Washington Street recently. The service was marginal while the food was tasteless and horrible. I will never eat there again.

  2. Helena says:

    Habibi’s Birria is on corner of MacArthur and Lewis. 403 Lewis. Not Mitchell.
    The Birria tacos with consomé are yummy!

  3. Matt says:

    Do we have any new info on when Ike’s is going to finally open?

  4. Mary Conway says:

    Read the news below and watch the video on Joe’s Pho before deciding to eat there.

  5. I have learned to NEVER rush into a restaurant when it first opens! There are inevitable kinks that need ironing out!

  6. Pjoshi says:

    I visited Nick The Greek in Castro valley .Excellent food

  7. Alice Wagner says:

    We visited Joe’s Pho and loved the food!! I have been searching for a good, local Com Dia Broken Rice plate meal and we were all very pleased with the great meal and sooo many options!!!

  8. Ronzy says:

    Joe Pho u,I had the Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon. The antibiotics and chemicals they use on the fish doesn’t agree with me.Also caged fish are more susceptible to diseases.
    It didn’t really taste that good either.

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