Health and Fitness Businesses are Thriving in San Leandro

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Apr 1st, 2014
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An emphasis on health and well-being has been embraced by San Leandro, as evidenced by the recently upgraded Par Course at the Shoreline, the Burrell Field renovations, and the opening of Kaiser’s Medical Offices. Local health and fitness businesses are also thriving in town – check out some of the new spots, as well as some recently renovated locations:

All SteeleAll Steele Fitness: Focusing on kettle bell training, battle rope, bands, free weights and motion cables, and customized nutrition programs, this fitness center is offering a great discount to Kaiser employees.

Cross FitCrossFit San Leandro: Located at 2450 Alvarado Street, Building 2, this popular destination recently moved to an expansive space, less than a mile from the new Kaiser facility. They have multiple options to help you get started with CrossFit training and are offering an introductory package for Kaiser employees.

square one - I heart yogaSquare One Yoga: This new studio at 1225 MacArthur Boulevard has sliding scale classes and an friendly, unpretentious atmosphere, welcoming novice and experienced students.

inner_athlete_logoinner_athlete_logoTinner_athlete_logohe Inner Athlete: Located at 685 East 14th Street, The Inner Athlete recently moved into a larger and more welcoming space, and has expanded its already popular course offerings including boot camp classes, kick boxing, kettle bell training, competition training, personal training, small group training, sports performance training, and nutritional assistance. The environment and great people will keep you inspired and motivated! The Inner Athlete is currently offering discounted services and introductory packages for Kaiser employees.

SpInsane CyclingSpInsane Cycling: At 2654 Nicholson Street, arrive for a new indoor cycling  program that prides itself as the most intense in the Bay Area. SpInsane is also providing a special to welcome Kaiser employees.

This is just a sampling of some new options; San Leandro has an abundance of top-quality fitness businesses. Let us know your favorite place to get fit.


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