Indian Grill in Soft Opening in Downtown

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Sep 17th, 2019

On Friday,  September 13, 2019, Indian Grill opened its doors for a soft opening phase at 1600 Washington Avenue in Downtown San Leandro. Formerly Ploughman’s Restaurant, the space has been redesigned and renovated into the only Indian cuisine restaurant in the Downtown Area.

The owners have spent months renovating the interior and building out the kitchen. Out of consideration for vegetarian and vegan diners, they have designed a kitchen with separate cook-tops, utensils, and ovens for dishes prepared with and without animal protein, and never the twain shall meet.  Even the daily lunch buffet features a station dedicated to vegetarian dishes, and another for meat dishes.

Indian Grill markets itself as an “Indian street food” restaurant, and offers lunch and dinner seven days of the week. The lunch buffet is from 11AM until 2:30PM and table service dinner from 4:30PM until 9:30PM.

The menu provides a multitude of options for every taste. Appetizers range from puri and chaat to samosas, and are modestly priced. The entree menu is organized by tandoor dishes, soup and salads, rice and biryani, lamb and goat, seafood, non-vegetarian, and extensive vegetarian options. The naan is so plentiful it gets its own section of the menu, as do desserts and a fair offering of side dishes.

A grand opening is in the works for the near future, but feel free to stop by during this soft opening period to please your taste buds. For the first few weeks, there will be a weekly raffle – diners may enter their names for a chance to win a free lunch buffet!

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