Make San Leandro, May 31st — For Kids of All Ages

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May 22nd, 2014
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As a City that Makes Things, it’s signficant that we are hosting our first maker event at the site of this City’s oldest tradition — the 105th anniversary of San Leandro’s Cherry Festival. The Cherry Festival itself will be the biggest in years – a 100-entry parade (including 5 Burning Man art cars, ArtIsMobilus art car, floats, and many special guests), a musical stage that will include Tony, Toni, Tone as headliners, Bistro at the Casa, an outdoor café featuring a variety of local wines, beer and gourmet food trucks — and, of course, Make San Leandro!

Fool Moon Puppetry ArtsMake San Leandro has approximately 12,000 sq ft of exhibition space with dozens of exhibitors and makers. The Mobile Fab Lab, a variety of San Leandro makers, 3D printers, puppetry, robotics, an art wall you can paint on, paper air rockets — and we’re adding more every day!


Here’s a full list of confirmed exhibitors:

all power labs

All Power Labs – Tools for Power Hacking

Air Rockets – Build your own paper rocket to launch with compressed air
All Power Labs/GEK Gasifiers – mobile power plant using renewable/recycled fuel
Artwall (Anyone Can Paint) – An art wall for anyone to paint on

Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing (BAAM) Coalition:

  •   Type A Machines – 3D Printer manufacturer
  •    SoundFit Engineering – 3D Scanner maker
  •    OmNom Project – 3D printing filament from recycled plastic bags
  •    HoneyPoint 3D – 3D printing retailer
  •    CADCrowd – 3D designer connections
  •    Mobile Fab Lab FLEET – Mobile Art gallery & hacker space
  •    Made Solid 3D – Metal casting
  •    Falcon Filament – 3D printing filament maker
  •    PinShape – 3D Object Library
Counter Culture Labs

Counter Culture Labs — Bio-tech Hacking

Birdi – Smart air monitor
Broadmoor Paper – Making Paper making
Counter Culture Labs – Biotech hackers/makers
Cyant 3D – printing, science

Exploratorium (yes, the SF one!) – Bicycle Rope Squirters, Mobile Camera Obscura, Skateboard Science Parklet
Fool Moon Puppetry – Puppetry and puppet making

Hayhackers – Creative Hackerspace

Halus — Making windmills
Local San Leandro Makers – Haunted house mechanisms and more
Psychic Typist – Psychic Typist, ’14 Maker Faire blue ribbon
SLHS Robotics Club – High School Robotics Club with their creations
SLHS Science Fair – High School Science Fair winners and their entries
Sculpteo – 3D printing service, delivered to your home
Solar Truck Mobile – Solar power station

San Leandro’s Direct Images Interactive will be live streaming interviews with exhibitors, participants and special guests, including Congresswoman Barbara Lee!

You can follow Make San Leandro on Twitter (@MakeSanLeandro) and get more information at the following URLs: (Remember to “Like” us!) 

Psychic Typist

Psychic Typist — Blue Ribbon Winner at 2014 Maker Faire, San Mateo


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