Marina Faire Shopping Center Receives Major Face Lift

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Aug 16th, 2023

For the past two years, GTL Properties/Marina Faire LP have been working on a complete renovation of the Marina Faire shopping center at 13756 Doolittle Drive. While a significant amount of work still remains, the changes to date are quite remarkable.

Before and After – Northwest corner of Marina Faire.

Work began on repaving the parking lot, adding new landscaping, and refreshing the light standards with LED lights. New light standards were also added on the north side of the shopping center.

Next, nearly all of the facades of the businesses have been completely renovated, receiving a sleek, modern look. The main building is still undergoing facade work for New Sang Chong Market, but has also been equipped with new HVAC and is slated to receive a brand new solar array.

Rendering of New Sang Chong Market

Marina Faire LP is also participating in the City’s Business Incentives Program – with support from the City, work will be done to renovate the historic pylon sign in the parking lot to complement the rest of the improvements.

New Sang Chong Market under construction

Tenants at Marina Faire include Mai Thai, Hanoi Chicken Noodle, Ming’s Donuts, Pearl Bay Tea House, Poke Star, Round Table Pizza, and more, but new tenants are also being considered for vacant spaces in the complex. The project is well-positioned to accommodate medical or dental offices, financial institutions, as well as cell phone and personal care uses.

Among new tenants is the highly acclaimed Sheng Kee bakery, a third generation Asian bakery with 11 locations in the Greater Bay Area. Sheng Kee offers a variety of cakes, pastries, and other delicious baked goods.

Before & After (rendering)

This much needed renovation not only refreshes the busy intersection at Fairway and Doolittle, but also stands to attract desirable businesses that in turn will improve the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Existing businesses remain open during construction, and new businesses interested in leasing available space can reach out to Steve Kalyk (415-813-0019) or Sam Tallman (408-314-5808) at Alpha Real Estate.

10 Responses to “Marina Faire Shopping Center Receives Major Face Lift”

  1. Janet Palma says:

    My goodness. First we had a glut of 3rd rate Mexican restaurants, now we have a ton of new Asian restaurants. Can we get some more interesting choices here please

    • Annoyed says:

      no Janet.

    • Deborah Acosta says:

      Really??? We’re being told of huge new investment in San Leandro, one that upgrades our retail options and brings us even more creative and delicious Asian food – and this is a bad thing? No, Janet – this is a very, very good thing, the shopping center is looking modern and inviting, and I and neighbors are very pleased that the City is helping to leverage this investment. Go City of San Leandro! And thank you.

    • Sharon Mejia says:

      Actually its refreshing to see this place renovated and feels inviting. I wish the city can renovate Greenhouse shopping center and the insane homelessness that it is attracting. I feel so sorry for the kids that walk through there and the trash that they’re creating. Lastly the roads on Lewelling and Hesperian needs some work too.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t need to go because you don’t appreciate the food and amenities.
      Maybe McDonald’s is more to your expert taste?

  2. Robert V says:

    I love the improvements. Thank you for the work


    Looks nice. Sorry to lose Ace Hardware so this could happen. Now there’s nothing of interest to ME.

  4. Rightful Citizen says:

    Shut up Janet lol.

  5. CK Lee says:

    That mall used to be ignored by everyone with very little foot traffic and now is been replaced by eatery and a supermarket. I’m not sure how interesting someone might want but this is already very interesting for me

  6. Salt and Pepper says:

    stfu Karen. just because you don’t use seasoning in your food doesn’t mean we can’t have delicious asian food..

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