Money available to seismically retrofit your house!

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Dec 22nd, 2014


The City of San Leandro has been chosen as one of only six locations in California for inclusion in the California Residential Mitigation Programs Earthquake Bolt + Brace Program. Qualified homeowners who apply and are accepted into the program are eligible for an incentive payment of up to $3,000 to help pay for costs associated with retrofitting their homes, including hiring a contractor and permit costs.

Timing is critical with this program and registration is limited to a 30-day period. Homeowners must submit their applications to the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) between January 15, 2015 and February 15, 2015. Please refer to their website for specific details.

To Qualify:

  • house needs to have been built prior to 1979
  • be on a level or low slope lot
  • have cripple walls less than 4’ tall (the height of your crawlspace)
  • have a raised foundation.

* Retrofitting work done previously is not eligible for this program.

The Home Seismic Strengthening Class consists of four evening classes. Each class is two hours and topics covered include: an overview of earthquakes and their effects on wood structures; plan preparation; building department processes; how to hire a contractor; and, practical instruction on the tools to do the job.

City staff will be increasing the number of classes taught from the typical two classes per year to six to allow all those who would like to participate to do so. The first classes in 2015 will be held on February 12, 17, 19 and 24. Subsequent class dates will be posted on the City of San Leandro website.

For more information, please contact, City of San Leandro’s Building Division at (510) 577-3405.

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  1. Janet Palma says:

    Where is the application?

  2. grace cruise says:

    Valuable article – I was fascinated by the analysis – Does someone know where my business might be able to access a template NY UD-2 copy to fill out ?

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