New Parking Pay Stations In Downtown Parking Garage

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Jun 7th, 2018

As a part of implementation of the Downtown Parking Management Plan, the City of San Leandro has installed two new automated pay stations on the 1st and 4th floors of the Downtown Parking Garage. The new pay stations are pay-by-plate operated making it even easier for customers to pay for parking using their license plate number. In addition to the pay stations, customers can also pay utilizing the Parkmobile app, which they can also use to pay for metered street parking throughout the city. Customers no longer need to display a receipt on their windshield or have a placard that indicates paid parking, rather the parking attendant verifies the customers parking session using our new integrated license plate system. For more information on how to pay at the pay station please visit: 

Currently only the 4th floor pay station is activated allowing daily parking customers (8am-5pm) to pay by credit card or quarters. Daily parking currently costs $2 per day and will increase to $2.50 per day on July 1, 2018. Daily parking customers on the 4th floor will be able to enter and exit throughout the day once a payment has been made.

The 1st floor pay station will not be operational until July 1, 2018 when the 1st floor becomes hourly parking ($0.75 an hour, 8am-5pm).

In addition, the City has a new online system for monthly parking permit payments (Floors 2 & 3). Information and instructions about these new payment methods can be found online at

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