New ParkSL Website Highlights Updates to Downtown Parking System

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Jul 18th, 2018

The City of San Leandro has gone live with its new ParkSL website – your go-to site for all things related to downtown parking. The site highlights San Leandro’s Downtown Parking Garage (120 Estudillo Avenue), Downtown Parking Meters and Parking Permits, making it easier for customers to decide what parking works best for their hourly, daily and monthly needs.

The new ParkSL website was created as a result of the Downtown Parking Management Plan. Since adoption of the plan in July 2017, the City has been busy making updates and improvements with the goal of providing a safer, more convenient, reliable and sustainable Downtown parking system.

At the July 16, 2018 City Council meeting Staff and consultant, Dixon Resources Unlimited, provided an update on ongoing and upcoming improvements to downtown parking.  For information, please read below.


Zone 1

Zone 2

Parking meters located in the Downtown area are now divided into two zones — Zone 1 (Orange Area), and Zone 2 (Pink Area) — and have been standardized to a three (3) hour time limit accepting ONLY quarters or ParkMobile payment. This change aims to simplify the system for the customer and assure a convenient and appropriate time stay.

Zone 1 (Orange Zone) is intended for customers running errands that require less time, and costs a little more ($1.50/hour). The higher price is intended to encourage turnover and makes it easier for the customer to find a parking spot. Zone 2 (Pink Zone) is for customers running errands that require less time and who don’t mind walking a couple more steps from the Downtown core. This area will remain at a less expensive rate ($0.75/hour) to provide more options for parking.


The Downtown Parking Garage has undergone some new technology upgrades with the addition of two new automated pay stations on the 1st and 4th floors. As of July 1, 2018, the 1st floor has become hourly parking ($0.75 an hour, 8am-5pm).  The 4th floor pay station allows daily parking customers (8am-5pm) to pay by credit card or quarters for a $2.50 per day rate. Daily parking customers on the 4th floor will be able to enter and exit throughout the day once a payment has been made. The 1st floor pay station allows hourly parking customers (8am-5pm) to pay by credit card or quarters for a $0.75 an hour rate.

Use the new ParkSL website to learn more about monthly parking permits and employee parking permits.


To achieve the objectives of parking space occupancy and turnover identified within the Downtown Parking Management Plan, as of March 19, 2018, the City Council approved a ‘no re-parking ordinance’ [SLMC 6-1-810 (b)] for all time-limited parking zones.

Drivers are allowed to move and park in different areas during the day, but unable to re-park in the same zone past the maximum time limit.  The goal is to create a higher turnover to allow for Safeway and surrounding business customers to be able to find parking with ease. The ‘no re-parking ordinance’ aims to prevent daily parkers from shuffling from space to space over the course of a full day within one zone.

Example 1: Washington Plaza has a two (2) hour time limit. Once a vehicle has parked anywhere within Washington Plaza  for 2 hours, the vehicle must be moved outside of Washington Plaza, to a different zone. Please note that you cannot “restart” your 2-hour limit by moving your car from one parking space to another within Washington Plaza, as this will result in a citation.

Example 2: Parking Meter Zones (Orange and Pink) have a three (3) hour time limit. Once a vehicle has parked for 3 hours in the Orange Zone, the vehicle must be moved to a Pink Zone or another parking area.

If you have any parking questions, please feel free to call (510) 577-3323 or email  

4 Responses to “New ParkSL Website Highlights Updates to Downtown Parking System”

  1. Jeanne France says:

    I won’t be shopping in downtown if I have to pay to park. There are a couple of places I shop when I come back to San Leandro.

    Parking meters have always been a detriment to shoppers, obviously you have not paid attention to the history of parking meters! I am so sad you are going this route.

  2. There allready is no parking in downtown and now more pay parking.good way to chase more people away from San leandro. I’m disabled I’m parilized and in wellchair and have van that a ramp comes out side there’s already no place to park.I’m not paying calling disabled to complain

  3. […] work also supports placemaking through programs such as installing Public Art and revamping the Downtown Parking Program. The team also supports and facilitates strategic development projects and oversees real property […]

  4. Donna says:

    I only shop or eat where there’s free parking. I don’t go to Pelton Center because of those ridiculous meters. it’s not fair to the businesses or to shoppers

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