New Street Banners Installed on E. 14th and Davis Streets

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Sep 6th, 2016


Bright, new street banners have replaced existing banners along E. 14th and Davis Streets in Downtown San Leandro.  Over a year ago, the City partnered with PilotCity to develop and design six new, two-sided banners.  In all, over 160 banners have been installed along E. 14th Street between Bristol Boulevard and Blossom Way, and on Davis Street between E. 14th Street and Gilmore Drive. The new designs depict themes characterizing strengths of the San Leandro community: manufacturing, education, diversity, quality of life, safety, and technology.

The final designs were developed with feedback collected during public meetings with both residents and businesses, as well as the Arts Commission and City Council.

Cherry City 1 Cherry City 2 Diversity 1 Diversity 2 Education 1 Education 2




Truth is Beauty 2 Truth is Beauty 1 Maker City 2 Maker City 1 Gigabit City 2 Gigabit City 1

2 Responses to “New Street Banners Installed on E. 14th and Davis Streets”

  1. Susan Reisz says:

    Personally, I like the ones that Kiwanis displayed a few years ago.

  2. Gary says:

    Very nice. Dont know too many places willing to put up signage showing that theyre challenging themselves to manifest & sustain such a variety of innovative directions at the same time.

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