PilotCity Launches Flagship Internship Program for Local High School Students

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Apr 14th, 2021

San Leandro-based PilotCity is inviting students from San Leandro, San Lorenzo and the unincorporated area to join the PilotCity flagship program to build a project of their choice for employers for an opportunity to win internships, jobs, fellowships and entrepreneurial positions to gain work experience. 

PilotCity is an education technology startup on a mission to enable the area’s youngest citizens to shape the future of their own communities and cities. Through innovative work-based learning systems, PilotCity believes that students can become engines for innovation, benefitting the places in which they live. PilotCity further believes we must grow our own culture of innovation, starting with the massive sums of students in our schools, in partnership with our teachers and employers.

Program director Derick Lee accepts the 2018 East Bay Innovation Award for Education

PilotCity currently has 32 employers on the menu for which students can build projects. Four of these employers include City of San Leandro departments and elected offices such as Mayor Pauline Cutter, Vice Mayor Victor Aguilar, Engineering & Transportation Department, and the Sustainability Division. Students can help the Mayor connect with community members more effectively by using an online video platform, support the Vice Mayor on creating a city-wide digital equity program, assist with designing bike lanes at Bancroft & Williams for the Engineering & Transportation Department, or create storytelling opportunities for Climate Action with the Sustainability Division. On a whole, students will have the opportunity to join any of the 32 employers on the menu that include tech projects, business & marketing projects, and other projects in high-growth industries.

The first 100 students from San Leandro, San Lorenzo or the unincorporated area will have the $300 fee waived to join PilotCity’s flagship projects-to-internship program by clicking and using the following sponsorship code upon checkout of their employer program of choice: 


The majority of the internships that students have an opportunity to win are paid, in addition to certain unpaid work experiences in the program. This program is an excellent opportunity for students to work on authentic projects to resolve authentic industry concerns with real opportunities to gain practical work experience for their futures. 

Educators are encouraged to take the opportunity to share the above sponsorship link & code with current or incoming high school and college students to start building projects for employers to win opportunities for internships and work experience. Questions about the program can be sent via email to Derick Lee of PilotCity at dericklee@pilotcity.com or via telephone at (510) 676-5861. Find additional resources here: https://linktr.ee/PilotCity or https://www.pilotcity.com/ 

Program Start Instructions

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the PilotCity flagship program. Browse employers using the following sponsorship link & code: https://www.pilotcity.com/sponsor/NshB16lI.

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